Follow Friday: Back to School Edition

All right, you little anklebiters, put your little cap-erasers and your Trapper Keepers in your Wiz backpacks and pretend to at least be excited to see your friends again, because it’s time to go back to school. And before you start complaining about Miss Barth’s Algebra II class, just realize that when you’re grown up, or at least when your body gets older, your summer will consist of a long weekend driving to Iowa to see the in-laws. That’s right. You have to work all summer. You don’t get as much time to obliterate the sides of your mouth with freezy-pop wrappers or burn your eyes on chlorine at the public pool or find people for this week’s Follow Friday on Twitter. So here’s some people for your busy, tired parents to follow.

Follow Friday: Back to School Edition



  • Holley Twitter Bio
  • The Holley brothers pretty much pioneered the carburetor as a performance upgrade back when Europe still had kaisers. But carburetors are over like fixed gears and that bar in Portland. These days, if you want to get a crapton of performance out of your fuel delivery system, it’s all about fuel injection. Thankfully, Holley helped pioneer performance fuel injection, too. We took a look this week on the blog. Follow Holley on Twitter to keep up with their latest performance applications.

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  • Autoweek Twitter Bio
  • Do you hate rare, beautiful, and remarkable cars? Get out. The rest of you should check out Autoweek. Generally focusing on the most desirable cars on the market, Autoweek features car news, reviews, and an unassuming but impressive Youtube channel packed with cars most of us will never get to drive. You could feast on their smart, sharp writing and comprehensive coverage for years. Follow them on twitter to keep up.

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Thierry Neuville

  • Thierry Neuville Twitter Bio
  • We got a breif glimpse of Thierry Neuville’s brilliant rally drifting skills earlier this week. The 26-year-old Belgian and his codriver Nicolas Gilsoul are currently running 7th in the 2014 WRC championship with their Hyndai i20. Which Thierry knows how to drift. Quite well. Follow Theirry on Twitter to cheer him on as we hit the b-side of the 2014 rally season!

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Hennessey Performance

  • Hennessey Performance Twitter Bio
  • Remember the Hennessey Venom GT, the fastest production car in the world? A new challenger is about the dethrone it, making it look like a Hyundai Pony. Thankfully for Hennessey, they’re making that one, too. They announced this week that their Venom F5 will likely do over 280 mph, even faster than the Venom GT. If only they can find somewhere to run it. The F5 moniker? They chose it for the most powerful tornados ever classified. Follow Hennessey and go tornado chasing.

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  • TORC Twitter Bio
  • TORC stands for The Off-Road Championship, so you can quit saying “TORC Off-Road” right now. But what you should start doing is watching it. Because it’s awesome. Because it features flame-spitting, rwd, tube frame trucks slinging around in the dirt, flying hundreds of feet over jumps, and generally being cooler than any of us. Rickey Johnson started TORC back in 2009, and it has become so popular, NBC shows all the races. Follow TORC on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

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