Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

Blog Posts of 2016: 2016 Art of the Car Concours

Okay, bye 2016!  Don’t let the door hit you.  Or do.  This probably won’t be remembered as anyone’s favorite year, but we did get to have some fun on the blog.  In fact, we had alot of fun.  Whittling this list down to seven posts wasn’t easy.  Just like 2016.  Here, in no particular order, are my very favorite posts of the year to the Streetside blog.

How Not to Make a Car Costume for Halloween

Blog Posts of 2016: How Not to Make a Car Costume for Halloween

I’ll be the first to admit that my methods of turning my ’06 Civic Si into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man were ill-conceived.  My paint, faded and oxydized, was porous with microscopic pits, so car chalk and dry-erase marker alike wanted to soak into them.  But I’m an idea guy, which means I’m only good at ideas.  The costume turned out okay, too!  It just took me a while to clean it all up.

Autocross is Worth It, Parts One and Two

Blog Posts of 2016: Kansas City Region SCCA Autocross

Since I first heard about it and ran the numbers, I didn’t think autocross would be worth the time and money invested.  You have to pay how much?  For just a few minutes of seat time?  But as I began to find more and more local car friends, they persuaded me to give it a try, and now I can’t wait until next season gets here.  The numbers don’t quite make sense, but community isn’t about numbers.

How to Love Too Many Cars

Blog Posts of 2016: 2016 Art of the Car Concours

The beauty of another (and sadly, the final) Art of the Car Concours forced me to confront a harsh reality: I love too many cars.  But as I examined this problem, I discovered that it wasn’t a problem at all, but just another mark of getting older and somehow, mysteriously, more mature.

Honda CRX: From Beater to Project

Blog Posts of 2016: 1987 Honda CRX Si

This one played out like a Hallmark movie.  My super hot dream car Subaru WRX proved to be very high maintenance and betrayed me with a ream of very expensive failures before its engine inexplicably seized, forcing me to sell it.  Mourning, in destitute desperation, I paid $1500 for a broken, rusted, 1987 CRX Si.  I just needed something to get me around town, but I fell in love with the little hatch and began to restore it.  Now I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep it forever.

How to Install a Magnaflow Exhaust Manifold

Blog Posts of 2016: How to Install a Magnaflow Exhaust Manifold

Everyone, I installed a power mod.  Though I usually stick to braking and handling stuff, I needed a new header for my $760 Civic, so I bought a performance manicat from Magnaflow, and I actually noticed a difference.  Now I understand.  Now I want what all humans want: more power.

The Hot Rod Power Tour Visits the Surface of the Sun

Blog Posts of 2016: 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour

Admittedly, I wasn’t any more delirious than normal when I wrote my account of surviving my first Hot Rod Power Tour stop, even though they stopped on that planet where Anakin Skywalker got all his parts chopped off.  But I did get dangerously hot and dehydrated that day, and that’s a pretty interesting state to be in when you’re surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of really awesome custom cars and trucks.  Under those conditions, you never know what crazed notions will flit through the tattered remnants of your consciousness.

Old Cars are Just Better

Blog Posts of 2016: Old Cars Are Better

I’ll always appreciate this one because I wrote it after a sleepless night, while on pain meds for a tooth infection, and somehow it came out pretty well.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much more my old car did for me than those awful pills.  Automotive medication might be the best medication.

We’ll have more awesome blog posts coming down the pipe for 2017, so stay tuned!



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