AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Appearance and Protection

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2010 Dodge Charger

We’ve cranked up the horsepower. We’ve improved the handling with suspension and braking upgrades. The second-shaving is done here. Now it’s onto the two Ps. No, we’re not talking about Peas and Pudding, that delicious staple of the American diet. We mean Preference and Protection. Today we’re talking about some appearance and interior mods you can use to create a custom look for your Charger, as well as protect it from the everyday friction of life.

Let’s start with some 2010 Dodge Charger Accessories for the exterior.

T-Rex 25474Dodge’s crosshair grille is iconic, but maybe you want a different look entirely. A custom grille by T-Rex is just the thing to set your charger off. It’s heavy duty billet aluminum with a bright polished finish for a distinct tone. T-Rex also offers a matching billet lower grille valance insert to keep the look uniform.

GT Stying GT0663SGT Styling’s smoked headlight covers are another great way to set your Charger apart from the next one on the block. The dark filter gives your Charger that hardcore, murdered-out look that’s both menacing and distinct. The coolest thing is that they fit under both Preference and Protection. They’re made of acrylic, so they’ll protect your actual headlights against dings and scratches. GTS also makes taillight covers to match.

PIAA 95055

Moving further along the car, how about protecting yourself?  Aside from attention, visibility is probably the greatest factor in road safety, especially in the weather.  You need some decent wiper blades.  PIAA’s Super Silicone blades aren’t just decent, though.  They’re some of the best on the market.  Because they’re silicone, instead of rubber, they won’t squeak, even when the windshield starts to dry.  Rally drivers trust them for whole seasons of blasting through mud and snow at 100 mph.  They can handle your commute.

What about your carpet? If you take care of your Charger, it can last you far longer than most owners keep theirs. But they tend to get rid of them while the cars are still running because things just wear out. They don’t want to put up with things like holes warn through the carpet from years of salt, mud, and spilled soda grinding away at the fibers. And carpet replacement isn’t any fun. If you want to keep your Charger, now with a bunch of sweet custom work, until the lizard people finally crawl out of the sewers to conquer humanity, and after that, because you’ll be using it as a war wagon of the Human Resistance Army, get some Husky Liners floor liners.

Husky Liners 30051We’ve published reams about Husky because they’re just so good. So click through to find out about how they never slide around or how incredibly strong they are, or how much spilled liquid they hold, or how perfectly they fit thanks to frickin’ lasers, or how they’re warrantied for life.

In the same way that some great floor mats can keep your carpets new, you can get a killer set of Covercraft SeatGloves seat covers to keep your seat fabric from wearing out. Covercraft got started making the most form-fitting and protective car covers on the market, so they know a few things about precise fit and armored protection. There’s even a breathable, 3D center panel to keep you cool and dry. Really, this is a great option if you’re finally ready to admit that leather seats are silly since they reflect heat and moisture right back at you and they’re butt cold in the winter, but you don’t want to replace them with cloth seats and lower the value of your car.

The Charger doesn’t need a ton of help looking great. It’s a classic American design with a head-turning figure. But like most other areas of your car, the look requires regular maintenance. So the best way make it look awesome is to simply keep it clean and waxed.

Mothers 02000Mothers (that’s a plural, not a possessive, since there’s no apostrophe…multiple mothers) is in your corner with their Complete Detailing Bucket of Cleaners. It’s literally a bucket that comes with car wash soap, spray wax, tint-sensitive glass cleaner, scratch remover, a microfiber polishing cloth, rubber protectant, wheel cleaner, and that miraculous carnauba wax, which acts as an armor for your paint. We know it’s winter and you don’t really want to think about washing your car right now, but spring is right on schedule this year.

We’ve added Protection and we’ve customized the look to your Preference. Better than Peas and Pudding.

On top of that, we added impressive horsepower and torque, firmed up the suspension, beefed up the brakes, and transformed your mass-market commuter into a true performance muscle car with a unique look.

We’ve gone from this:

2010 Dodge Charger - Before Mods

To something approaching this:

2010 Dodge Charger Mods

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2010 Dodge Charger - Parts Breakdown

1. T-Rex Grilles 20474: This custom Charger grille from T-Rex is made of polished billet aluminum and installs in no time.
2. T-Rex Grilles 25474: Match your lower grille valance to your upper grille with T-Rex’s billet aluminum lower grille insert.
3. GT Styling GT0663S: These smoked acrylic headlight covers install in minutes, protect your headlights, and give your Charger a custom look.
4. GT Styling GT4668: Match your smoked headlights with these protective acrylic smoked taillight covers, custom fit for your Charger.
5. PIAA 95055: Use the wipers rally drivers prefer. PIAA’s Super Silicone wipers keep your view clear in the weather.
6. Husky Liners 30051: Keep your carpet brand new, even after years of use, with these invincible Husky Liners floor mats.
7. Covercraft SV103TN: Protect your seat fabric and keep your ride cool and comfortable with Covercraft’s high-tech SeatGloves.
8. Mothers 02000: Mothers filled a bucket with everything you need to keep your Charger looking brand new.

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