Meet the Team

Our writers here in the Streetside Garage are all enthusiasts with gasoline in our veins. We’re so happy to work in the industry and share our knowledge – whatever level that may be. Want to learn more? Stay tuned and we can figure it out together.

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Meet the Team Behind the Garage

Sydney Shepherd

Meet the Team: Sydney Shepherd
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New to the automotive industry, Sydney has an ingrained appreciation for classic cars like the beautiful blue ’64 Catalina her grandpa used to own. A writer at heart, Sydney is a media junkie and loves to captivate and be captivated by a good story. A few of her interests include travel, reading, Netflix binging, and spending time with family. She aspires to eventually see the world and get a cat to keep her Bassador, Cooper, company.


Andy Sheehan

Meet the Team: Andy Sheehan
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Andy Sheehan is a blogger, aspiring novelist, and relentless hoon. He plans to will his 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon to his firstborn, plans his daily commute around the swoop of its roads, and doesn’t plan to ever buy an automatic. A cool-car omnipath, he loves the common Mustang or Chevelle, but hunts for the weird and wonderful Velorexes and Cosmos of the autoverse. And when he can afford a garage, he’s going to turn an MX-5 into a race car.


Matt Caden

Meet the Team: Matt Caden
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Growing up loving the outdoors it’s no surprise Matt is an off-road guy and more specifically a Jeep one. A creative at heart, he’s always looking for something to build and design whether it be from LEGOs, Photoshop, or code. Currently he spends most of his downtime working on and improving (read: repairing) his Jeep JK for the weekends and the next unpaved road he finds. One day he hopes to make the trek to Moab from his current state of Kansas with his own Jeep, to test his limits as an off-roader. And maybe one day, run King of the Hammers.


Jason Lancaster

Meet the Team: Jason Lancaster
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A self-described “car nerd,” Jason is a automotive columnist who has written for the eBay Motors blog, Motor Car Digest, as well as his own sites and AccurateAutoAdvice. With an engineering degree, a full-time job in the automotive parts industry, and a decade of experience working in auto dealerships, Jason brings an interesting perspective on all things automotive.