Can the remote starter end a decades-long debate?

Can the remote starter end a decades-long debate?

That’s the question.

And it really boils down to another question: Should you warm up your car in the winter?  Let’s see if we can figure this out.

Winter has arrived on our doorstep, and you’re either a) excited about it, or b) depressed about it and mad at your weird, winter-loving friends.  Whether you like cold weather or not, your car doesn’t like it- until it’s warmed up.  Then it loves winter.  We know this, so we warm up our cars before we go anywhere.

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All the Tools I Want for Christmas

All the Tools I Want for Christmas

Look, I’m not saying you can’t send me Lego kits, G.I. Joe playsets, and Nerf guns, but the things I wanted when I was 8 aren’t the only things I want anymore.  And since I know none of you cheapskates are going to buy me a ’32 Ford or a BMW M1, here are some of the tools I’d like for Christmas, categorized by winter maintenance needs.

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Are Yellow Fog Lights Really Better?

Are Yellow Fog Lights Really Better?

In our bottomless search for automotive embetterment, we’ve discovered an interesting debate.  Well, interesting to us.  Not to boring people who don’t like cars.  It boils down to this: Are yellow fog lights better in poor weather?  Here in America, we’re about to experience a whole season or two of poor weather (if this stupid summer ever decides to die), so we thought we’d take a closer look at this optical sorcery.

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Winter Lighting 101

Vision X Winter Lighting

It’s dark.  It’s dark when you leave in the morning and it’s dark when you drive home.  You know what makes darkness better?  Rain and snow.  Wait.  No, that makes it worse.  Yet winter often serves them to us in an ensemble platter with a side of bad drivers.  I mean, don’t these people remember last year?  When it also snowed?  Anyway, we can’t fix the bad driving of others, but we can help equip you for the cold, snowy, dark gauntlet that is your daily commute in the winter.  There are many ways to do this: better tires, cable chains, winter wipers, and a good dose of courage.  But none will do you any good unless you can see, which is why we’re talking about winter lighting.  A good set of auxiliary lights in the winter can make your drive safer and reduce your stress level. Continue reading “Winter Lighting 101”

Fight the Winter Dark with Hella Driving Lights

Darkness is coming.  It shall engulf all the lands in its inky shroud.  No, we’re not talking about some kind of mystical invasion from Game of Thrones.  Just winter.  Yes, winter is here for a while, which means you spend more time driving in the dark.  Well, unless you have some Hella driving lights.  Then you won’t have to worry about a little thing like darkness.

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Looking for Tire Chains? You’re Probably Looking for Cable Chains.

Tire Chains from SCCAs a consequence of my trip to PRI, I’m working this week remotely from beautiful northern Indiana.  This means I’m not wearing…shoes.  And that my commute time was cut down to the 1.3 seconds it took to get from my bed to my desk.  But it also means that the rest of my driving is hampered by about seven inches of gorgeous, seasonally-appropriate snow.  Hate on it all you want, but there’s nothing like a white Christmas, as long as you know how to get around in it.  That’s why we have long recommended snow chains for your car.  But maybe we should get more specific, because cable chains are probably what you want. Continue reading “Looking for Tire Chains? You’re Probably Looking for Cable Chains.”

5 Reasons You Need Husky Liners Floor Mats

In many parts of our fair United States, the snow has already begun to fly.  If you don’t believe me, look at your Facebook feed from this morning and make a tally of how many of your northern friends complained about it. But snow means mud and salt, and those mean messes.  To keep those messes off your carpet, just throw down some floor mats.  But not all floor mats are created equal.  In fact, Husky Liners mats are born into privilege. Like any other floor mats, you can hose them off when they get dirty and put them back in.  But Husky Liners has much more to offer.  Here are just five reasons Husky Liners outshines the competition, even when caked in mud. Continue reading “5 Reasons You Need Husky Liners Floor Mats”

Haunt Your Car With a Remote Starter

Yes, folks, it’s almost Halloween, the one day every year when it’s socially correct to frighten children.  While we don’t encourage you to be the source of anyone’s childhood PTSD, we recommend a remote engine starter as the core of a good car-based prank: a Christine-like, deranged car ready to run down its poor, pedestrian victims.

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Why Car Seat Warmers are Better than Warming Up the Car

Tell your butler Archibald that despite the frigid climes, you’re going to the haberdashery, so he’d better get the car ready.  In the early days of motoring, that proved quite an affair, especially in the winter.  Archibald would likely have to drain the car’s oil, heat it up in a pan for twenty minutes, put it back in the car, almost break his wrist starting the car, and let the car idle for ten minutes, making adjustments to the choke and spark advance until the idle had stabilized.

Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore.  Running to the store in the dead of winter takes no longer than it would any other day of the year.  Yet we tend to give our cars ample time to warm up, filling our driveways with white clouds of exhaust steam.  It’s good for the car, right?

But that’s not why we really do it.  Let’s be honest: we just want our cars to be all warm and toasty when we get in.  Perhaps car seat warmers are a viable alternative. Continue reading “Why Car Seat Warmers are Better than Warming Up the Car”

Wiper Blades Won’t Help: The 10 Worst Winter Cars

Fall is here and while we all get comfy wrapping ourselves in the thoughts of bright foliage and hot cider, few of us bear any love for what follows.  You’ll love it even less if you drive one of these beauties, and not all of them can be improved by PIAA’s super silicone wiper blades. Continue reading “Wiper Blades Won’t Help: The 10 Worst Winter Cars”