Top 50 Automotive Twitter Accounts To Follow

Follow Friday: Best of 2013 Automotive Twitter Accounts

With the year coming to an end, we have compiled the ultimate Follow Friday list for all your automotive needs and desires. We have done all the work, so you can sit back, relax, and ring in the new year with the Top 50 Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2013.

Best of Follow Friday: Automotive Twitter Accounts
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WARN ZEON: The Stealth Winch

Recovery Goes Stealth

Okay, we’ll be honest. If you load the WARN ZEON into a trebuchet and fire it through the air (which would be awesome), it would still create a radar signature. But there’s still plenty of stealth to WARN’s latest winch. Just look at the thing. It looks like it was built by Wayne Enterprises, rather than WARN Industries. Like it was designed for the Tumbler, rather than your truck or SUV. WARN, however, doesn’t screw around with aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake. There’s a why behind the steel-cool design, and it may make the ZEON the most advanced winch on the market. Continue reading “WARN ZEON: The Stealth Winch”

Warn: How to Invent a Sport

Warn WinchesThe end of World War II led to a boom not only in babies, but in motorized recreation, as well.  Suddenly the US was flooded with a vast surplus of military vehicles, so it was only natural that our predecessors take it out for a spin.  Land speed record-setting racers, built inside the cut-out belly fuel tanks of long range bombers, peppered the salt flats of Utah and California.  Hydroplane race boats began cropping up everywhere, powered by Rolls Royce airplane engines.  And there were Jeeps.  Many, many Jeeps. Continue reading “Warn: How to Invent a Sport”