Champion of the Desert : King of the Hammers 2018

If you are not in the know, King of the Hammers is about to crown its next king. This crazy event is described as the “toughest one-day off-road race in the world.” All you have to do is look at all the photos and videos circling the web to know just how true (or perhaps understated) that is. It is pure off-road, desert racing, rock crawling madness.  With more than 10 classes of vehicles, there are hundreds of drivers competing in these matches.   Continue reading “Champion of the Desert : King of the Hammers 2018”

Jeep On at Your Local Off-Road Park

Jeep Off-Road Parks - Rausch Creek

So you’ve modded your JK.  You’ve even been to a Jamboree.  But Jamborees don’t happen in your area every day.  You can’t exactly lumber onto private property and go Jeeping wherever you want, but you need more rocks, more mud, more of that wide open wilderness.  You need to keep conquering, keep pushing the planet under your tires.  You know from experience that local jungle gyms and those fake rocks outside the Rainforest Cafe are off limits.  Where can you go to test your off-road mettle?  Thankfully, America is peppered with off-road parks, plots of nowhere that are designed to do one thing: challenge your wheeling skills with everything from mud to rocks. Continue reading “Jeep On at Your Local Off-Road Park”

AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 3

Jeep Wrangler Mods - JKUR

We’ve covered the basic Jeep Wrangler mods in Stage 1 and a few more intermediate upgrades in Stage 2.  Now get ready for some more advanced mods in Stage 3.  In the immutable words of Kip Dynamite, “I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.”  We’ll start with something important.  So important we’re all surprised it didn’t come up sooner.  We’d rank it above seat belts and functional brakes: Power.

Okay, no, safety is more important, but only slightly.  Power is crucial, especially in this stage.  Back in Stage 2, we added bigger wheels and tires.  Due to the wonders of physics, bigger wheels and tires can actually slow down your Jeep.  This isn’t a huge problem if you’re going off road, because speed can get you in trouble while you’re trying to slog through mud or climb over boulders.  But the best thing about a Jeep is that it works everywhere, on-road and off, and the last thing we want is for you to lose highway speed due to an upgrade.  That doesn’t make sense.  We’re going to reclaim that speed with some top Jeep Wrangler mods for power. Continue reading “AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 3”

AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 2

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited | Jeep JK Mods

So we’ve hit the basics.  Last week we covered some of the easiest Jeep JK mods and upgrades.  Stuff that was easy to install and practical for everyday life.  Today we’re going a bit deeper, with Jeep upgrades that are moderately easy to install and provide even more utility.  All of them are great for looks, and some of them will even help your performance the next time you feel like taking your Jeep off road.  Let’s dive in. Continue reading “AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 2”

AutoModding Your Jeep Wrangler JK 101

Jeep JK AutoMods

The Jeep Wrangler JK, that being the ’07-current model, is one of the most capable off-road vehicles you can buy in America today.  Where most SUVs have become glorified crossovers, compromising their mudability for on-road dynamics, the Wrangler has remained consistently trail able while gradually becoming a more capable on-road commuter, as well.  Yes, the meaning of Jeep ownership has broadened beyond the image of the crazed desert hero wearing nothing above the waist but his beard, to include normal people like you who want an SUV for commuting, but still want it to be a real SUV.  But as good as it is stock, and no matter how you use yours, you can still upgrade yours with some simple Jeep JK parts and accessories. Continue reading “AutoModding Your Jeep Wrangler JK 101”

AutoModding Your 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD: Part 2

Do you have an idea for the next vehicle we should AutoMod? drop it in the comments, and if we choose it, we’ll send you $100! Details below.

2013 Toyota Tacoma

Yesterday we covered some of the mods Danny has added and plans to add to his 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab Long Bed.  Toyota makes some of the toughest trucks on the planet, and Danny wanted tough mods to match, so his Tacoma would be just as good on the trail as it is on the road.  In Part 1, we covered wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, and some performance upgrades.  Today we’re covering appearance, protection, and trail functionality, so strap in.  It’s Part 2 of Danny’s 2013 Toyota Tacoma mods in AutoMods. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD: Part 2”

Off-Road Tire and Winch Advice

Are you getting ready to take a trip off the beaten path?  There’s two major, yet simple, things to consider first: tires and winches.  Here’s what you need to know about outfitting your truck or SUV with the right tires and winch for off-roading. Off-Road Tire and Winch - Shannon Campbell for Fox Racing Shox Continue reading “Off-Road Tire and Winch Advice”

Essential Off-Road Gear for Beginners

Are you ready to begin off-roading as a serious hobby? There’s a lot to be excited about, but there’s also a lot to prepare for. Off-roading requires more foresight than jumping into your 4×4 and going full speed towards the dunes (or bog or trails or whatever).

Off-Road Gear for Beginners

Before you leave home, you must outfit your rig with the gear you’ll need to get unstuck. The fact is, off-roading is about getting stuck. If you don’t get hopelessly stuck at least once, you’re probably not doing it right. At the very least, you’re probably not challenging yourself or your vehicle.

Here’s a simple guide for those who are just starting out in the off-road community. Continue reading “Essential Off-Road Gear for Beginners”

Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 28

Spring is calling, folks, meaning you only have to trudge through a few more hours of work before you can get out there and enjoy a weekend of working on your car, drag racing, or blowing stuff up.  Hopefully all three!  Since we know you’re so distracted thinking about that, we took a break from our own distraction to let you know who to follow on Twitter.

Automotive Follow Friday Helper Continue reading “Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 28”

5 Hardcore Vehicles with Warn Winches

Obviously, when you design an off-road, heavy-duty vehicle, the point is not to get stuck.  If the obstacle is high, you can crawl over it.  If it’s deep, you can wade through it.  The idea is usually that no matter how rough the course, you really don’t want to even use your winch.  But for the most hardcore off-roaders, when that limit of capability is reached, getting out of the situation is serious business.  That’s why they generally sport the red W of Warn Winches.

It’s pretty obvious that we love Warn around here.  The new Warn Zeon Winch is sexy and practical.  But here are a few examples of more-than-fun applications wearing the Red W.

Warn Winches - Firefighters
Continue reading “5 Hardcore Vehicles with Warn Winches”