Follow Friday: Drivers Club Edition

You know racing season is here in full force when you keep your DVR busy all day recording the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and the Coca-Cola 600. Summer is upon us, and it’s brought the roar of internal combustion and the white smoke of tire degradation. Here’s who you should be following this racing season. Welcome to the Drivers Club.

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Vibrant Performance: Fabrication Friendly at 200 PSI

Vibrant Performance - Chris Jeannerett S2000 Track

Professional racing teams tend not to pick up most of their parts off the shelf.  Look up any build for a pro-level car, in any racing discipline, and you’ll find that most of the high-stressed metal components aren’t bought, but crafted specifically for that car.  But where do these fabricators get their materials?  Where do they come up with the elements, the bare flanges, the tubing, the fittings?  For the past 15 years, many of them have been turning to one name: Vibrant Performance.  Which is how Vibrant’s famous VanJen couplers and V-Band flanges ended up on a 1000 hp drift car. Continue reading “Vibrant Performance: Fabrication Friendly at 200 PSI”