AutoMods: 2015 Mustang Exhaust Upgrades

Mustangs always sound good.  Even V6s.  But while the tone is there, the volume is often not.  How many times have you seen a Mustang coming toward you but couldn’t hear it until it was going away?  Your Mustang does not have to be one of those cars.  Below you’ll find some perfect options for getting a killer sound, and even more power, out of your 2015 Mustang, with an aftermarket exhaust.  We’ll start, as always, with the little guy.
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The Return of the Snake: The Viper Heads back to Le Mans

Dodge Viper at Le Mans 2015 - at night

Le Mans is always awesome.  Ninety-eight cars of so many different makes and four different classes rocket around a track that’s part public road, at top speeds, for twenty four hours.  But this year’s going to be more awesome than last year, because one of those 98 cars is going to be a Dodge Viper. Continue reading “The Return of the Snake: The Viper Heads back to Le Mans”

Is the 2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost the Future of Regular Cars?

2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost

The 2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost has been slowly permeating the American market for months now, but we haven’t really examined what that means. And it does mean something, because Ford snuck the future into this newest F-150, almost right under our noses. I say almost because we really seem to like it. America bought 17% more of its favorite truck last month. Ford has had to increase production. We like it despite how different it is, or perhaps because of it.

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Ford Focus RS Proves Cars are Still Alive

This may be the final age of the commuter automobile.  Government CAFE regulations are choking out interesting vehicles by the dozen.  Laziness and fear have formed a rare partnership, hiring technology to eliminate driving.  Lane drift alarms, blind spot monitors, and adaptive cruise control have been at this for years, and the self-driving car is at our gates.  Soon Skynet-backed robots will be ferrying their meatbag owners to work in endless, anonymous road trains, a dense clog in the colon of the American highway.

Ford Focus RS

But if we truly live in the death throes of the hand-driven commuter vehicle, it isn’t dying in a nursing home.  It’s going down in a blaze of turbocharged glory.  Yes, the drivers’ car can use technology, too.  Perhaps no new car has lead this charge like the new Ford Focus RS, revealed just last week in Germany. Continue reading “Ford Focus RS Proves Cars are Still Alive”

Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014

It’s the final lap.  We’ve maneuvered through 2014 with all the finesse we could muster, and we’ll leave whether or not we won up to you, but we’ve definitely finished.  It’s been a year of rallies, concourses, races, and roof racks, and stank elimination.  But let’s not forget our Twittering.  Here are our favorite fifty automotive Twitter accounts, our ultimate Follow Friday…on a Wednesday. Follow Friday: Best of 2014 Continue reading “Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014”

New Mustang Attacks with Two-Pronged Campaign to Conquer Our Want

New Mustang Gymkhana7

Ford’s Mustang marketing department knows what they’re doing.  They know how to deliver a one-two punch to your resolve against selling your pancreas in order to buy a Mustang.  On Monday they dealt such a brace of blows, with Ken Block’s epic Gymkhana 7 and the official press release for the new Shelby Mustang dropping within an hour of each other.  I don’t need both my livers, right? Continue reading “New Mustang Attacks with Two-Pronged Campaign to Conquer Our Want”

Hard Swagger: The Lamborghini Asterion

Shock, disbelief, and outrage are handed out like flutes of champagne at the average Lamborghini reveal.  Consider the Veneno, an Aventador variant someone designed with a machete.  Lamborghini followed that with the Egoista, which was basically a Veneno onto which someone had landed a Comanche attack helicopter.  Even the name was outlandish, “Egoista” meaning “selfish.”  They’ve done such a fine job of certifying themselves as lunatics that their latest concept the Lamborghini Asterion, unsheeted last week at the Paris Motor Show, stirred the pot just for looking so ordinary.

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Follow Friday: Paris Motor Show Edition

The leaves aren’t the only things dropping. In Paris, new car concepts seem to be plummeting from the sky in heaps and droves, including new stuff from Lamborghini, Audi, and Cadillac, among others. The Paris Motor Show kicks off this weekend. Here’s who you should be following.

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The Local Motors Street Fighter: For the People, by the People

Driving is rather the wrong word. It conjures the wrong imagery, painting pictures of rules and limits and how you get to the office. This is more like sailing, or flying, on the ground. It’s that rush of the race track, when you can let go the surly bonds of earthly government and translate your soul into speed. Straight through the pedals. Local Motors aims to perfect the track car. They want to do it cheap, they want to do it right, and they asked you how. You delivered.

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Follow Friday: Custom Edition

This week we’re dishing up a steaming helping of awesome. Raise your truck (or slam your car) with Air Lift, cheer on a beloved British brand, and follow three idiots as they journey into unknown lands. It’s an eclectic but essential mix. Follow these folks on Twitter. You won’t regret it.

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