N-Fab Nerf Bars: The Installation Guide

N-Fab’s Nerf Bars will get you into a lifted pickup truck faster than a lottery prize and a pushy salesman.  That’s because they’re not just good looking, sitting there all cool with their glossy black zinc-undercoated finish.  They’re also functional, helping you into your lifted truck so you don’t have to do a leg day every time you run to the store.  They work so well, in fact, that they’ve been tested to 465 lbs, so you can climb up no matter how many refrigerators you’re carrying.

N-Fab Nerf Bars Truck Continue reading “N-Fab Nerf Bars: The Installation Guide”

Improving Fuel Economy of Your Pickup

You didn’t buy your truck for its excellent fuel economy. It’s a workhorse, towing champ, off-roading beast…anything but a gas sipper. If you wanted to burn less gas, you’d have bought a moped, right?

Improving Fuel Economy

Still, there’s no good reason to dish out any more money than you have to at the gas pump. Slight changes in the way you drive, maintain, and modify your truck can help you conserve fuel and save money. Here’s a collection of fuel savings tips for truck owners, most of which don’t cost much money. Continue reading “Improving Fuel Economy of Your Pickup”

Building a ZSV Phase II: Truck Modification

Welcome to part four of our Countdown to The Walking Dead, that paragon of television excellence in post-zombageddon form.  In our last post, we discussed our top choice for the perfect ZSV platform: the 4WD Ram 3500 diesel.  Here’s what to do with it.  Full disclosure: I’ve included some links to the store so you can get started now.  Because I want humanity to survive.

Now that we have our Cummins-powered anti-monster monster, it’s time to make it better with some old-timey truck modifications.  Tough as it is, the truck has some weak spots that need shoring up, and there’s plenty of room for other work, too.  There’s a prison full of ways to customize a truck – some good, some bad.  Continue reading “Building a ZSV Phase II: Truck Modification”