Truxedo: 5 Advantages of a Soft Tonneau Cover

Your truck is heavy. As it should be. Don't let your tonneau make it heavier.

The great and historic war of truck enthusiasts between soft tonneau covers from brands like Truxedo and hard tonneau covers has raged for centuries.  Ever since Sir Earl Earlwickshire shunned a wooden roof to his wagon in favor of a sheet of canvas, countless lives have been lost in the great battle.

And like one-eyed arms dealers, we sell to both sides, offering the very best in hard and soft roll-up truck bed covers.  But we have to hand it to the soft tonneau army: there are some definite advantages.  Here are a few: Continue reading “Truxedo: 5 Advantages of a Soft Tonneau Cover”

Truck Tonneau Covers for Every Job, by Extang

Extang truck tonneau covers

Extang may or may not be an amalgam of Extra and Mustang (which wouldn’t make any sense at all), but they definitely make some incredible tonneau covers. They design them with obsessive precision and warranty them for life.

But not only do they make durable truck tonneau covers, they make several different kinds. I believe they did some extensive market research to determine their customers’ exact needs. Continue reading “Truck Tonneau Covers for Every Job, by Extang”

Good for a Million Miles: The K&N Revolution

K&N's revolutionary air filters.The automotive industry has seen its share of revolutionary ideas.  Some of them have taken off.  Fuel injection, ABS, and the EFI are now ubiquitous.  Some seem to be messiahs, but end up in the round filing cabinet.  The rotary engine, airless tires, and hydrogen all seemed like perfect solutions until they entered the real world, where they didn’t solve many problems, or just created more.

But what about the lesser parts of an engine compartment?  Could someone design, for instance, the perfect air filter?  The one that would change the air filter industry forever? Continue reading “Good for a Million Miles: The K&N Revolution”

Off-Road Tires

The right tire makes all the differenceSelecting the Right Tires for the Job
So you need a new set of tires for your off-road vehicle–where do you start? Before you go and buy the biggest baddest tires you can throw on your truck, let’s look at a few things to provide the best match to your driving style. Almost any aggressive set of tires is going to improve the look of your vehicle, but how about performance? There are many different tire styles available. Continue reading “Off-Road Tires”