Yakima: Time To Pack All The Gear

Skip playing rock, paper, scissors on who gets to go on this trip. Yakima has the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s no fun excluding friends from a trip because there wasn’t room in the car. Skip trying to play Tetris with all the bags or gear and get the Yakima products that fit you, your lifestyle and your car. Maximize the fun by bringing all the friends and all the fishing, camping or biking equipment. Go out and make the memories with your friends and let Yakima worry about the luggage.

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Still the Best Way to See America

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When my dad was a kid, cars were more comfortable, the economy was bulling along, and gas was cheaper than milk.  With the help of Ike’s new interstate system, the Greatest Generation shoveled their families into their big sedans and wagons and forged the great American road trip.  America was experienced through the skylights of an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

These days, cars are cramped and dark, the economy has taken a turn for the down, and gas is so expensive people actually buy Priuses.  Flying can actually be cheaper, and though train travel is getting rare, it’s just as fast, much more comfortable, and can also be cheaper.  But getting in your own car and striking out into the tarmac-belted distance is still the best way to see America.  I got a reminder this weekend as my friend Dan and I loaded up the wagon and shot off to Breckenridge, Colorado.  Continue reading “Still the Best Way to See America”