Ride-Rite Air Suspension: Your Solution To Towing

Firestone, we all know the name and the quality of their work. Many of us have had their tires on our car at some point, if not currently. The name pretty much speaks for itself in the tire world. Well, the same goes for their air suspension brand, Firestone Ride-Rite and we got the low-down on what sets them apart. Continue reading “Ride-Rite Air Suspension: Your Solution To Towing”

Common Car Hauling Mistakes and 10 Tips For Preventing Them

Towing is one of the main reasons people buy trucks and large SUVs. However, despite all the towing that people do every day, towing safety is hit or miss. For every smart and safe driver with towing experience, there’s a yahoo throwing caution to the wind and putting everyone in his or her immediate vicinity in danger.

Here are the most common towing mistakes I see, as well as ten towing safety tips that anyone who tows should know.

Common Car Hauling Mistakes
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How to Choose the Right Draw-Tite Hitch Receiver

Draw-Tite Hitch on a Scion

It’s summer, and it’s time to hit the American vacationscape.  And for the first time, you’re towing a trailer.  Maybe it’s a camper, a car carrier, a boat, or maybe it’s just a couple of bikes or kayaks.  But you’re looking at hitches and they keep mentioning classes and inches and adding wheels and something about goose heads?  And right now you’re about ready to just put the trailer up on Craigslist and hope you don’t get murdered when the buyer offers to meet you on the other side of town.

Draw-Tite 5350Don’t, friends.  The terminology of towing can get a little screwy at first, but it’s not unfathomable.  Here’s a quick guide to trailer hitch classes, and the specific Draw Tite trailer hitch you should get. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Draw-Tite Hitch Receiver”

5 Sadly Common Towing Disasters from Around the Web

Towing DisastersHere at StreetSideAuto.com, we sell a good deal of recovery accessories, from recovery ropes to winches and mounting systems. Because of this, we tend to hear the craziest stories from our shoppers. Here are our top picks of chaotic towing mishaps.

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