AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 1

2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimitied

So you bought a Jeep Wrangler.  Maybe you like how well it does in the snow.  Maybe you hope to do a little off-roading when you get a free Saturday.  Or maybe you just like the looks.  The fact is, you ended up with one of the most capable SUVs on the market, on- or off-road.  The JK, especially the 4-door version, has been extremely successful for the Jeep brand, making it the 6th best selling marque in America.  That’s great for aftermarket support, but it also means there’s a billion other Jeeps just like yours rolling around.  And you’ve seen the pictures.  You know you can do anything with a JK.  but do you want to?  Many of those extreme Jeep JK mods would be useless to you, since you rarely, if ever, take your Jeep off road.  So is there some middle ground?  Is it possible to make your Jeep your own without transforming it into something found in Fury Road?  Absolutely. We’ve put together a short list of some incredibly accessible and easy Jeep JK mods on the market, stuff that will help you enjoy your current Jeeping experience better, without alot of work. Continue reading “AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 1”

Here are the Winners of the Epic Thule Summer!

Epic Thule Winners
The Epic Thule Summer has come to an epic conclusion, and after much debate, deliberation, and a particularly brutal cage match, we’ve picked our three most epic entries.  Well, four, originally.  At first we picked a shot whose owner had stolen it from a forum post from 2002.  We only like a fast one around here when you’re talking about cars.  So we binned it and went on to the real submissions. Continue reading “Here are the Winners of the Epic Thule Summer!”

Epic Thule Summer: Now For Everybody

Epic Thule Photographer

An Epic Summer for Everyone

There’s about a month left in our Epic Thule Summer photo contest. A month for you to share your epic photos for a chance to win up to $300 in Thule travel gear. A month to make good choices. But we’re willing to admit that we’ve been a little light on the entries. We can’t say how many we’ve had, but we can say that judging the winners would be pretty easy right now. So here’s what we’re going to do about it. Continue reading “Epic Thule Summer: Now For Everybody”

Win Major Gear with the Epic Thule Summer

You’re going places, and you’re taking your Thule gear.  Why not win huge prizes while you’re at it?  Yes, summer is here, and and Thule want you to get out there and make your mark on the American vacationscape.  So we’re giving away $450 of gear to the Thule owners with the best vacation photos featuring their awesome Thule stuff.

Yosemite.  Yellowstone.  The Grand Canyon.  The Appalachian Trail.  Acadia.  The Outer Banks.  You get the idea.  You’re going on vacation this summer to some of America’s most incredible places, and your Thule roof racks, cargo carriers, and bike haulers are going to help you get there.  But we’re stuck in the office, and we want to see what you’re up to.  So we’re giving away three Thule prize packages in exchange for our favorite photos of your Epic Thule Summer.

Epic Thule Summer

Continue reading “Win Major Gear with the Epic Thule Summer”

Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 24

This week we have just a handful of awesome Twitter accounts to follow, from big events to big personalities. Check them out in this week’s Follow Friday Helper.
Automotive Follow Friday Helper Continue reading “Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 24”

How To Pick Your Thule Racks

Thule Roof Rack at sunsetContrary to the House Stark mantra, summer is coming.  Yes, folks, we’re rounding the end of March, and though it’s snowing here at the Streetside HQ in Kansas City, these are just the writhing death throes of winter.  Knock yourself out, coldie.  We know you’re not long for this world.  Soon we’ll be carrying our coats and going on road trips, which we’ve already proven is the best way to see America. Continue reading “How To Pick Your Thule Racks”

Pre-Flight Check: Road Trip Foresight

It may be snowing where you hang your hat, but here in Kansas City we’re expecting highs of 90 this weekend.  Spring is here, with summer looming just over the next rise.  And that means road trips.  The family vacation is a staple of the American household, and many of us still prefer to do it in the most American way- driving.  If you’re planning a long road trip this summer, you’ll want to prepare more than a long list of answers to, “Are we there yet?”  You’ll want to ready your vehicle for the journey- to make sure you’ll get there at all.  Continue reading “Pre-Flight Check: Road Trip Foresight”