We Will All Drive Autonomous Cars or Go Mad

Autonomous Cars

If there is a phrase the back of my windshield has heard more than any other, it’s “Come on,” usually shouted.  Like most gearheads, I get frustrated with others on the road.  They’re content to simply commute, distractedly glancing at the road once in a while, while I want to drive.   I want to brake a little later, accelerate a little faster, and generally glean some enjoyment out of transportation.  Not being able to do this because I’m stuck behind someone afraid of the rain can be maddening.  But will it be worse when that Prius merging onto the highway at 35 mph is actually driven by a robot?  Will the madness force me to ride in a robot of my own?

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Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 5

Twitter Automotive Spotlight

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