The Case for the Kart Hack

Age brings many new experiences.  Some you’d rather do without.  Everything starts to hurt.  You’re tired all the time.  Cynicism lurks behind you like a hungry but patient wolf.  Yet some changes are good.  You finally begin to shed school debt.  You streamline your processes.  And best of all, you find it easier every day to shuck off the concerns of others.  The sweaty, calculated poise you found so crucial in middle school has faded to a mewling ghost.  Instead, you value the practical.  You have work to do, and you don’t have time to impress anyone.  I’ve reached such an age, and that’s probably why I want to buy something rear-driven, strip it of all excess, and drive it everywhere.  I want a kart hack. Continue reading “The Case for the Kart Hack”

The Hot Rod Power Tour Visits the Surface of the Sun

2016 Hot Rod Power Tour

The AC in my $760 Honda Civic does not work.  I spend every drive in a box made of black metal and glass, thoroughly broiling myself.  So by the time I finally rolled up to the Kansas Speedway for last Friday’s final stop of the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour, I was already half dead.  Together with hundreds of other car people, I stood in a field for four hours, collecting salt on my shirt and something approaching regret.  It’s a good thing there were hundreds of incredible cars there.  Otherwise I might not have enjoyed myself. Continue reading “The Hot Rod Power Tour Visits the Surface of the Sun”