Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 19

Motorsports fans, this is your weekend. The Daytona 500, the most prestigious race in NASCAR is throwing down on Sunday. But this afternoon and tomorrow, the Rally in the 100 Acre wool will be spitting dust and gravel all across central Missouri. We’re just getting set up at the latter, and we’ll hopefully catch the former on Sunday. And since you’re so busy getting ready for such events, we put together a short list of who to follow on Twitter.
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The Daytona 500: Clean Your Plates

Daytona 500 2014This weekend you can see the second biggest American sporting event of the year.  It’s not the World Series, the Stanley Cup, or even the Indy 500. It’s the Daytona 500. Five hundred miles of careful strategy and precise posturing.  It’s chess at 200 mph.  This is where mastery in NASCAR is defined. Only legends win Daytona, and it’s been that way for 55 years.

At the start, racing in Daytona looked a bit different than it does now.  There were no heavily banked corners, no museum, no grandstands to fit 147,000 sunburned fans.  Just a stretch of highway and another stretch of sand.  Then, in 1953, William France Sr. got an idea, and Daytona International Speedway was born.  It was such a massive undertaking that he ran out of money in 1958, before the massive facility was even complete, but started holding races there anyway, hoping that ticket sales would cover the remaining costs.  They did. Continue reading “The Daytona 500: Clean Your Plates”

Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 15

Going fast is awesome. Fast cars, fast trucks, and fast racing. You’re probably not racing right now, and if you are, we recommend you put the tablet down and concentrate on your apexes. But if you’re not, you still enjoy speed, which is why we’ve streamlined the Twitter process for you with this week’s Follow Friday Helper. These are some of our favorite fastguys. Follow them. Or try to keep up, anyway.

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Optima Batteries and the USCA Crusade for Cool

Optima Presents the Ultimate Street Car AssociationOptima Batteries has decided to be even more awesome by sponsoring another racing series.  But this isn’t your average operation.  You don’t have to sell the right half of your brain to afford the tires.  It’s a series strictly for street cars: the Ultimate Street Car Association.  You can only run what you drove in, and it’s designed to be the best looking racing series of the year. Continue reading “Optima Batteries and the USCA Crusade for Cool”

Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 10

Happy Friday, ya’ll! As this is the last Friday before Christmas, let us wish you the merriest of that day, filled with joy, childish glee, and zero fights with relatives, no matter how passive-aggressive. And like that one sweet aunt who definitely means well, we made you a gift this year in the form of an excellent Follow Friday post. Yeah, we know you wanted that brand new Lexus with a massive bow on top and an equally massive payment every month, but things are a little tight this year, and we’ll have to get by on love, capisce? Thankfully, we know you’ll love this round of winners. Follow them on Twitter.

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PRI 2013 – Helmets Required

PRI Show 2013Do you ever see that guy? He drives a Toyota Corolla, but he’s bolted a gigantic racing wing to his trunk lid? You know the guy. That guy’s not a racing driver. His Corolla is not a race car. But then you see that other guy with the really nice Mustang. It’s been modded to Timbuktu and back, and it’s fast. He takes it to the drag strip on Saturday nights and pulls a pretty decent 1320. What do both of these guys have in common? They’d both have trouble getting into the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. Because they’re not professionals.

Thankfully, we don’t have that problem, and that’s why we’re here.

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