Follow Friday: Superfresh Edition

F1 is back, you guys. This Sunday, two days from now, we’ll get to watch the fastest cars in the world rip around Spa Fracorchamps in Belgium. It’s been a long wait. So Lewis and Nico, if you’re scrolling through your Twitter suggestions, looking for people to follow, we’ll save you the time and concentration with a handy list of newsmakers this week: the Superfresh Edition.

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Follow Friday: Back to School Edition

All right, you little anklebiters, put your little cap-erasers and your Trapper Keepers in your Wiz backpacks and pretend to at least be excited to see your friends again, because it’s time to go back to school. And before you start complaining about Miss Barth’s Algebra II class, just realize that when you’re grown up, or at least when your body gets older, your summer will consist of a long weekend driving to Iowa to see the in-laws. That’s right. You have to work all summer. You don’t get as much time to obliterate the sides of your mouth with freezy-pop wrappers or burn your eyes on chlorine at the public pool or find people for this week’s Follow Friday on Twitter. So here’s some people for your busy, tired parents to follow.

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Follow Friday: Distant Thunder Edition

Another Friday, another week closer to temperatures that don’t resemble satan’s bowels. But I kid. It’s been lovely here in KC, as across most of the Midwest, including Ohio, where the now-famous Eldora Speedway just hosted a NASCAR truck race. On dirt. Whatever the whether, you’re probably chin-deep in summer car projects, track days, or getting ready for the Hungarian GP on Sunday. So let us take care of this week’s Follow Friday on Twitter.

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Follow Friday: Sparky Edition

So what’s going down this weekend? We’ve got the F1 German Grand Prix, Global Rallycross in New York, IndyCar up in Toronto, the New England Forest Rally and two pretty special NASCAR races. The Camping World Trucks series is heading for the dirt at Eldora for the second year in a row. Last year’s dirt race was a huge hit. And in Germany, the NASCAR Whelen Euro series is hitting the Nurburgring. Yes. Stock cars on the ‘Ring. That’s an empirial crapton of awesome racing to keep up with! Let us handle who you should be following on Twitter.

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Follow Friday: America Edition

This is America. We like our cars loud, our tire smoke thick, our victories frequent, and our fireworks extra explodey. We like to build things the way we want them, from sports cars to race tracks to cookout meals. We like to hang out with our friends. We like to celebrate. So happy birthday, America. Here are some of the most American Americans you can follow on Twitter this week.

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Follow Friday: Race to the Clouds Edition

It’s summer, folks. The races are coming in thicker than you can watch them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the action. Here are a few folks to follow on Twitter to aid you in your racing current events quest.

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Follow Friday: Busy Being Awesome Edition

Howdy folks. How was Fathers Day? Good? Good. There’s alot going on this weekend, too, from the GRC race in DC to the Austrian GP to the two different NASCAR races at two different flippin’ road courses, summer is definitely upon us. Plus, you need to swap out that radiator, and that tuneup isn’t going to do itself. So follow these cats on Twitter and enjoy your weekend.

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Inheritance: 7 Racers Who Learned from Dad

If we look back far enough, most of our gearheadedness came from one man: Dad.  Whether he was an engine builder or just the guy who knew how to put the spare on, Dad was the go-to guy for everything that had to do with cars.  Dad likely taught you to drive, probably before it was even legal.  The first time you looked under the hood, it was probably with Dad.

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Follow Friday: Meet Us in France

Happy weekend, everybody. Well, you still have to survive today, but land is in sight. You’ll undoubtedly spend about 24 hours watching racing this weekend, since that’s how long this weekend’s race is, so be sure to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Fan fatigue is the struggle, here. And be sure to follow the right people on Twitter going into it. Here’s the rundown.

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Follow Friday: Drivers Club Edition

You know racing season is here in full force when you keep your DVR busy all day recording the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and the Coca-Cola 600. Summer is upon us, and it’s brought the roar of internal combustion and the white smoke of tire degradation. Here’s who you should be following this racing season. Welcome to the Drivers Club.

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