Champion of the Desert : King of the Hammers 2018

If you are not in the know, King of the Hammers is about to crown its next king. This crazy event is described as the “toughest one-day off-road race in the world.” All you have to do is look at all the photos and videos circling the web to know just how true (or perhaps understated) that is. It is pure off-road, desert racing, rock crawling madness.  With more than 10 classes of vehicles, there are hundreds of drivers competing in these matches.   Continue reading “Champion of the Desert : King of the Hammers 2018”

You Should Rallycross, But Don’t

SCCA Rallycross

The Thunder Valley Sand Drags were dusty.  Dustier than a panhandle bean field during the Depression.  Dustier than the room seems to get at the end of Braveheart.  Each step and dropped cone sent up a pale cloud above the long field, but a strong, cool, southwest wind cleaned it up for us just as quickly.  Saturday was my first rallycross experience, and the racing was so awesome that I didn’t mind a little fesh fesh.  I didn’t drive this event, but by the end of it, I wished I had, and I will the next chance I get.  You should, too.  But don’t.

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Is F1 Really Boring?

The Truth About F1

You could almost feel Daniel Ricciardo’s trademark grin through his helmet.  His race engineer had just told them that he could catch and pass race leader Nico Rosberg with four laps to go.  Ricciardo had been trailing Rosberg by a handful of seconds for laps and wasn’t getting anywhere.  Then his engineer called a sudden, surprise pit stop with just 12 laps left.  The Australian got a fresh set of weaponized supersoft tires and proceeded to carve thick slices off of Rosberg’s ensuing lead, sometimes at the wild rate of three seconds per lap.  Then, in the final lap, Ricciardo hit traffic.  Forced to negotiate around a pair of lapped cars, entrenched in a battle of their own, he lost time, and finished the race .4 seconds behind Rosberg.  Another lap and he would have taken the top step, giving him a 3rd-2nd-1st sequence in three consecutive years at Singapore.

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Delivery Driving has Reduced Me to an Animal State

Delivery Driving has Reduced Me to an Animal State

This was going to be perfect.  I’d make money doing what I love – driving – and I could set my own hours, ideal for nights and weekends.  This delivery driving gig was going to change my life.  And it did.  The money situation has improved, and now I have these sweet talons and antlers.  Also, I can see in the dark, and I spend more on gas.

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Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas – Racing in the Aftermath

Trans Am at COTA

I wanted to check out Elkhart Lake.  Road America is one of the most famous and celebrated tracks in the country, and since Trans Am driver Ron Keith had invited me to ride along for a race this year, just as he did last year, I was finally going to head north.

But then I noted that Trans Am would head to Circuit of the Americas in November.  You know the place.  It cost $400 million to build.  It hosts the only F1 event in the US.  It has a gigantic observation tower with a postmodern mullet. Continue reading “Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas – Racing in the Aftermath”

The Return of the Snake: The Viper Heads back to Le Mans

Dodge Viper at Le Mans 2015 - at night

Le Mans is always awesome.  Ninety-eight cars of so many different makes and four different classes rocket around a track that’s part public road, at top speeds, for twenty four hours.  But this year’s going to be more awesome than last year, because one of those 98 cars is going to be a Dodge Viper. Continue reading “The Return of the Snake: The Viper Heads back to Le Mans”

SCCA’s Track Night in America: How it All Starts

SCCA Track Night in America

“Take it to the track.” Internet comment sections brim with the admonishment whenever a video is posted starring tire smoke or exhaust backfire on a stage of public asphalt.  And the crowd is correct, of course.  Street racing is dangerous, stupid, and defamatory toward the greater enthusiast community.  We all wish we had racetracks out front, but we don’t, so don’t do it.  Yet if there’s performance in the garage, shouldn’t we be able to perform with it?   Drag strips are fairly accessible, but if you would rather score yourself for apex marksmanship than staging and pedal mashing, your options are limited to road courses, which deign to offer you a sliver of time here and there, provided you’ve memorized a ream of rules and sold one of your more important organs to pay for it.  But thanks to the SCCA, that’s about to change.  Because it’s Track night in America.

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Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014

It’s the final lap.  We’ve maneuvered through 2014 with all the finesse we could muster, and we’ll leave whether or not we won up to you, but we’ve definitely finished.  It’s been a year of rallies, concourses, races, and roof racks, and stank elimination.  But let’s not forget our Twittering.  Here are our favorite fifty automotive Twitter accounts, our ultimate Follow Friday…on a Wednesday. Follow Friday: Best of 2014 Continue reading “Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014”

Follow Friday: One Year Edition

That’s right, folks, it’s been one year since we started bringing you the best and brightest of the Twitterverse with Follow Friday. To celebrate, we’ve racked up the very best automotive accounts to follow this week. Check them out, follow them, and have an awesome weekend!

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Follow Friday: Paris Motor Show Edition

The leaves aren’t the only things dropping. In Paris, new car concepts seem to be plummeting from the sky in heaps and droves, including new stuff from Lamborghini, Audi, and Cadillac, among others. The Paris Motor Show kicks off this weekend. Here’s who you should be following.

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