Is F1 Really Boring?

The Truth About F1

You could almost feel Daniel Ricciardo’s trademark grin through his helmet.  His race engineer had just told them that he could catch and pass race leader Nico Rosberg with four laps to go.  Ricciardo had been trailing Rosberg by a handful of seconds for laps and wasn’t getting anywhere.  Then his engineer called a sudden, surprise pit stop with just 12 laps left.  The Australian got a fresh set of weaponized supersoft tires and proceeded to carve thick slices off of Rosberg’s ensuing lead, sometimes at the wild rate of three seconds per lap.  Then, in the final lap, Ricciardo hit traffic.  Forced to negotiate around a pair of lapped cars, entrenched in a battle of their own, he lost time, and finished the race .4 seconds behind Rosberg.  Another lap and he would have taken the top step, giving him a 3rd-2nd-1st sequence in three consecutive years at Singapore.

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Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas – Racing in the Aftermath

Trans Am at COTA

I wanted to check out Elkhart Lake.  Road America is one of the most famous and celebrated tracks in the country, and since Trans Am driver Ron Keith had invited me to ride along for a race this year, just as he did last year, I was finally going to head north.

But then I noted that Trans Am would head to Circuit of the Americas in November.  You know the place.  It cost $400 million to build.  It hosts the only F1 event in the US.  It has a gigantic observation tower with a postmodern mullet. Continue reading “Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas – Racing in the Aftermath”

Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014

It’s the final lap.  We’ve maneuvered through 2014 with all the finesse we could muster, and we’ll leave whether or not we won up to you, but we’ve definitely finished.  It’s been a year of rallies, concourses, races, and roof racks, and stank elimination.  But let’s not forget our Twittering.  Here are our favorite fifty automotive Twitter accounts, our ultimate Follow Friday…on a Wednesday. Follow Friday: Best of 2014 Continue reading “Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014”

Follow Friday: One Year Edition

That’s right, folks, it’s been one year since we started bringing you the best and brightest of the Twitterverse with Follow Friday. To celebrate, we’ve racked up the very best automotive accounts to follow this week. Check them out, follow them, and have an awesome weekend!

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Follow Friday: Custom Edition

This week we’re dishing up a steaming helping of awesome. Raise your truck (or slam your car) with Air Lift, cheer on a beloved British brand, and follow three idiots as they journey into unknown lands. It’s an eclectic but essential mix. Follow these folks on Twitter. You won’t regret it.

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Follow Friday: Weatherproof Edition

Temperatures are cooling. There’s a soothing haze in the air. The leaves have begun to blush. Yes, the colder months are on our doorstep, and after that mortar storm of a summer, they’re quire welcome. Thankfully, our fun with cars and racing doesn’t have to die off with the flowers. Here’s a few people who are only accelerating into the snows. Follow them on twitter.

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Follow Friday: Race American Edition

All right, folks, it’s hot here. Stupid hot. Hot like a pipe burn. So hot your house could catch on fire and you wouldn’t be sure whether or not you should evacuate. Summer’s hopefully going out like a lion, which means we’re all doing everything we can to stay inside. Walking dogs in the bathtub, paying neighborhood kids to fetch the mail, and figuring out who to follow on Twitter. We thought we’d pass on who you should be following this week.

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Follow Friday: Superfresh Edition

F1 is back, you guys. This Sunday, two days from now, we’ll get to watch the fastest cars in the world rip around Spa Fracorchamps in Belgium. It’s been a long wait. So Lewis and Nico, if you’re scrolling through your Twitter suggestions, looking for people to follow, we’ll save you the time and concentration with a handy list of newsmakers this week: the Superfresh Edition.

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Follow Friday: Back to School Edition

All right, you little anklebiters, put your little cap-erasers and your Trapper Keepers in your Wiz backpacks and pretend to at least be excited to see your friends again, because it’s time to go back to school. And before you start complaining about Miss Barth’s Algebra II class, just realize that when you’re grown up, or at least when your body gets older, your summer will consist of a long weekend driving to Iowa to see the in-laws. That’s right. You have to work all summer. You don’t get as much time to obliterate the sides of your mouth with freezy-pop wrappers or burn your eyes on chlorine at the public pool or find people for this week’s Follow Friday on Twitter. So here’s some people for your busy, tired parents to follow.

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Follow Friday: Smoke a Tire Edition

It’s a new month, and some of us are still buzzing from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last night. The rest of us haven’t seen it yet. But enough about awesome, hilarious, and hilariously awesome movies. What about cars? Alot of folks have been in the news this week, so here’s just a few of them you should follow.

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