AutoModding Your 95 Camaro Z28: More Power

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1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Before Mods

The Chevy Camaro helped define the American muscle car.  Since 1966, it has been tearing along American roads, down drag strips, and around tracks.  But when it comes to glory, it seems that the first generation and the latest generation hoard it all.  There’s a reason for that.  The 5.7 liter LT1 V8 in the 1995 Camaro Z28 only made 275 hp.  But because we’re dealing with a Small Block Chevy, that’s about to change. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 95 Camaro Z28: More Power”

Why Are Spark Plug Wires so Important?

Wires. They’re not exactly exciting, are they? When we talk about performance parts, we usually talk about air intakes, exhaust systems, nitrous kits…anything but spark plug wires. However, spark plug wires are vitally important, and a simple upgrade can make a tremendous difference in performance on an older vehicle and/or a vehicle with other upgrades.

The Anatomy of a Spark Plug Wire

Here’s everything you probably never knew you wanted to know about spark plug wires.

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Follow Friday: Sparky Edition

So what’s going down this weekend? We’ve got the F1 German Grand Prix, Global Rallycross in New York, IndyCar up in Toronto, the New England Forest Rally and two pretty special NASCAR races. The Camping World Trucks series is heading for the dirt at Eldora for the second year in a row. Last year’s dirt race was a huge hit. And in Germany, the NASCAR Whelen Euro series is hitting the Nurburgring. Yes. Stock cars on the ‘Ring. That’s an empirial crapton of awesome racing to keep up with! Let us handle who you should be following on Twitter.

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Every LS1 Swap Needs an MSD Atomic EFI Kit

MSD Atomic EFI 2900

What’s the best way to get more power out of your Miata?  It’s not a turbo or a tune.  Just swap in an LS1.  Whether it’s a ‘57 Bel-Air, Suzuki Samurai, Chevy Vega, or Opel GT, LS1 swaps are becoming more and more popular these days.  But that job also tends to come with a bulging diaper of mess, confusion, and inconvenience when all you want to do is go snarling around the roads in your new V8 Whatever.  MSD has cleaned up that mess for you with their Atomic EFI kit.  Here’s why you need one if you’re bolting in a V8.
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Top 50 Automotive Twitter Accounts To Follow

Follow Friday: Best of 2013 Automotive Twitter Accounts

With the year coming to an end, we have compiled the ultimate Follow Friday list for all your automotive needs and desires. We have done all the work, so you can sit back, relax, and ring in the new year with the Top 50 Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2013.

Best of Follow Friday: Automotive Twitter Accounts
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Pro-touring Shootout: Choose your EFI

EFI upgrades
Back in 1974, when your current classic was just a daily driver, it wouldn’t have been hard to convince you to make the switch to the yet-nonexistent Electronic Fuel Injection, especially in the winter.  But cold starts aren’t the only trouble with carburetors.  They’re imprecise, tough to tune, and need regular maintenance.  Making the invisible switch over to EFI can mean a major boost for your car’s usability.  And who are we kidding?  It’s all about the performance. Continue reading “Pro-touring Shootout: Choose your EFI”

MSD’s 6AL Goes Digital

MSD's 6AL: the Digital Revolution has begun!With all the new techno-gadgetry that has made it’s way into the mainstream marketplace, it’s amazing to think that the automotive aftermarket can be somewhat sluggish when incorporating new technologies into it’s devices. Don’t say this within earshot of the team at MSD Ignition though, their new digital (yes, I said digital) 6AL Ignition Box replaces the old analog version with new features, functions, and an even easier installation. Check out this great write-up on this new product from the group at

For those minds inquiring more about the product, here’s the low-down:

* Part Number: 6425
* 530 Primary Volts And 135mJ Of Spark Energy
* Built-In LED For System Confirmation
* Digitally Controlled Circuitry
* Increased Output
* Same Bolt Pattern As Original 6AL
* Sealed/Locking Connector Contains All Wiring
* Set RPM Limit Via Rotary dials

Be sure to check out the article here: MSD’s 6AL Goes Digital