Viva La Easter Jeep Safari Concepts!

2017 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

Jeep does this to us every year.  They break our hearts with all these incredible concepts, built for the Easter Jeep Safari at Moab, and then never release them.  In 2012, they made the Mighty FC and the J-12.  In 2015, they built the Chief and the Red Rock Responder.  This year is no exception.  Here’s a handful of the coolest machines from the 2017 event, with the coolest at the bottom.  No, they’re not building any of them for production. Continue reading “Viva La Easter Jeep Safari Concepts!”

Moab’s Pro Jeeper Richard Mick on the Best JK Mods

Dan Mick's Moab Jeep Tours - Mike & Family
Mike and his family at the top of Hell’s Gate

Mike was surprised about two things.  He was surprised at how much precision their driver and tour guide, Richard Mick, used when piloting a Jeep full of Mike and his family out across the rugged, steep, hazardous, and beautiful terrain of Moab, Utah.  And he was surprised at the capability of the Jeep itself.  It was a modded JK, but Richard also drives a TJ with very minimal modification.  The grades were insane, so steep they don’t really make sense to your brain.  A machine shouldn’t be able to scale that.  Or a mountain goat.  But Richard drove up and down the rocks with ease and aplomb.

Mike captains the good ship, and earlier this summer, he got a chance to escape the madness for a while and explore the great American interior with his wife and two kids.  They had to make a stop in Moab, but thought that once out on the advanced trails, the driving itself was best left to the experts.  Thankfully, they came across Dan Mick’s Guided Jeep Tours, one of the most respected and knowledgeable Jeep tour companies in the Southwest.  Dan has been Jeeping since the ’70s and leading professional Moab Jeep tours since the early ’90s.  He pioneered some of the most popular Moab trails on the map.  When his son, Richard, was old enough, he began leading tours, as well.  Later, as their customer base grew and grew, Dan added his brother-in-law, Curtis, and his daughter, Lacy Ann Shepherd, to the drivers roster.

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Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015

Moab Easter Jeep Safari - Jeep Chief

Every spring, Jeepers from all over America show up at Moab, Utah, to take off on the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, a nine day romp through the southwestern terrain, proving the trail capability of their Jeeps.  And every year reps from Jeep show up themselves to enrage and disappoint their fans.  Well, that’s not why they arrive, but that’s always what ends up happening, because they always bring at least a handful of concept Jeeps, and then everybody gets all itchy because the concepts never reach production.  The Mighty FC, J-12 pickup, and NuKizer are all alumni of the Safari, and we want them all to actually exist. Easter Jeep Safari 2015 just wrapped on Sunday (Easter) and this year the official Jeep disappointment didn’t disappoint.  Here’s the lineup of the JK-based Jeep concepts. Continue reading “Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015”