Magnaflow and Practical Effects Could Save Need for Speed

Magnaflow + Need for Speed MustangI was not excited about Need for Speed, the movie based on inspired by vaguely resembling with the same title as the hit video game.  It just smelled fishy from the start.  First, I heard that all the expensive cars being used were actually replicas.  Then, the trailer debuted and I got an earful of some kind of weird, fake scripture reading as a monologue and an eyeful of Syfy-grade flames surrounding a flying Koenigsegg.  And over everything had been draped the heavy fire blanket of being a video game movie, because that always works out so well.  Why had talents like Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper attached themselves to this?

But last night, Aaron Paul showed up on Top Gear, and those promotional interviews really do work, because now I can’t wait to see Need for Speed.  I found out that Magnaflow played a significant role in that decision.
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