Are automotive LEDs worth the cost?

Are Automotive LEDs Worth the Cost?

LEDs are undoubtedly the future of lighting.  They’re durable, efficient, and last forever.  Even longer than this infernal election season.  But they come at a premium, while tried and tested Halogen bulbs tend to be far more affordable.  So, do the benefits make automotive LEDs worth the cost?  Let’s find out.

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Winter Lighting 101

Vision X Winter Lighting

It’s dark.  It’s dark when you leave in the morning and it’s dark when you drive home.  You know what makes darkness better?  Rain and snow.  Wait.  No, that makes it worse.  Yet winter often serves them to us in an ensemble platter with a side of bad drivers.  I mean, don’t these people remember last year?  When it also snowed?  Anyway, we can’t fix the bad driving of others, but we can help equip you for the cold, snowy, dark gauntlet that is your daily commute in the winter.  There are many ways to do this: better tires, cable chains, winter wipers, and a good dose of courage.  But none will do you any good unless you can see, which is why we’re talking about winter lighting.  A good set of auxiliary lights in the winter can make your drive safer and reduce your stress level. Continue reading “Winter Lighting 101”

Lighten Up!

Have you ever been walking down the hallway in the middle of the night, cautiously feeling your way along, only to walk directly into a door (or something else) because you just couldn’t see it?  Now, imagine running into something you can’t see at 60 mph. It is easy to take the lighting systems in your vehicle for granted until you have to do without them. Continue reading “Lighten Up!”