All the Selfish Reasons to Support the GVT OX Project

The Global Vehicle Trust's OX

Legendary F1 design wizard Gordon Murray and saintly British philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman have teamed up to build the GVT OX, a revolutionary, low-cost, flat-pack truck to aid the developing world.  It’s rugged, simple to maintain and repair, and can be assembled by three trained people in just twelve hours.  It can traverse rough and rutted dirt roads with ease and can transport thirteen people.  And if it gets funded and built en masse, it could drastically improve life and work for people living in rural areas of developing nations.  But we’ll let those goody two-shoes (two shoeses?) worry about the underprivileged.  The OX would be great for us selfish, pompous first-worlders, too!  Here’s why. Continue reading “All the Selfish Reasons to Support the GVT OX Project”