The Kansas City Auto Show Returns

The future is here…or it will be on March 6th-10th at the Kansas City Auto Show.

The auto show takes place at Bartle Hall and you won’t want to miss the hundreds of new vehicles they are bringing in. Come see the latest in innovation and style all in one place for your convenience. Continue reading “The Kansas City Auto Show Returns”

The KC Auto Show Rolls Out

The curtain has closed on the 2018 KC Auto Show and we want to say thank you to everyone involved. It was a great year and we were lucky to take part in it and be able to see everything they featured.

It was quick to get in and up to the show floor but once I was there, I just stared in wonder. It was a bit shocking to see the entirety of Bartle Hall filled with cars new and old, especially since I was there a couple weeks before when it was filled with all things ComicCon. I was there to experience the show for the first time, check out the latest makes and models, and get some killer photos. Instead of taking the camera out right away, I walked the entire floor and took in all the brands and noted sections I was going to return to. I took a walk down the middle of the show floor. Continue reading “The KC Auto Show Rolls Out”

Kansas City Auto Show Parks at Bartle Hall

It’s that time of year again, the Kansas City Auto Show is about to descend on all of us at Bartle Hall. Kansas City’s biggest car show will bring hundreds of cars and a plethora of events to entertain guests of all ages. You will have plenty of time to explore all the activities and see all the cars. This year the show runs from February 28th to March 4th (today – Sunday!) Continue reading “Kansas City Auto Show Parks at Bartle Hall”

You Should Rallycross, But Don’t

SCCA Rallycross

The Thunder Valley Sand Drags were dusty.  Dustier than a panhandle bean field during the Depression.  Dustier than the room seems to get at the end of Braveheart.  Each step and dropped cone sent up a pale cloud above the long field, but a strong, cool, southwest wind cleaned it up for us just as quickly.  Saturday was my first rallycross experience, and the racing was so awesome that I didn’t mind a little fesh fesh.  I didn’t drive this event, but by the end of it, I wished I had, and I will the next chance I get.  You should, too.  But don’t.

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How Not to Make a Car Costume for Halloween

How Not to Make a Car Costume for Halloween

There was only one answer, really.  I had just bought a 2006 Honda Civic Si, bloated in design and bleached-bone white.  When I remembered that our October Cars and Coffee event would host a Trunk or Treat and that the following day’s autocross would have a car costume competition, the new-to-me Civic had to become its cinematic analogue – the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  I hope I didn’t ruin the car.

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Autocross is Worth It, Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

Kansas City Region SCCA Autocross

There are no curbs, no signs, nothing to hit but cones.  And since the average autocrosser tops out at 50 or 60 before having to brake for the next corner, autocross is about the safest motorsport outside of Forza.  This is why no one needs a roll cage or racing harness, just a 2010 Snell-rated helmet.  If you don’t have a helmet, you can borrow one for free.

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Autocross is Worth It, Part 1

Kansas City Region SCCA Autocross

I was scheduled to autocross on Sunday, and at 4am on Saturday, I finally got the transmission back into place. My jack proved about an inch too short, and tired muscle had to do the rest. Sleep and money whirled clockwise into a vortex before disappearing into a lost weekend, but I knew at the first orange cone, a long right sweeper, that it had all been worth it. I’m sold. Autocross is always worth it.

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How to Make Car Friends

How to Make Car Friends

Reuben was nervous about chopping up his rear bumper cover.  Once it was done, it was done.  He loved the cut-off look of timeless rally cars like the Lancia 037, with its gearbox hanging out like a turbine out of a Batmobile.  His current gen Hyundai Genesis isn’t mid-engine like that beast of yore, but it does have an attractive straight-pipe exhaust system he wouldn’t mind showing off.  And since that exhaust had required an underbody diffuser removal, the bottom section of the bumper was only catching air, acting as a parachute.  Reuben, Collins (first name, not last), Jay, and I stood in Reuben’s garage while he used his Dremel and a specially-ordered plastic cutting bit to slowly carve away the offending section with dental precision.  And it was a great time.  It’s one of many memories with car friends that will go into the vault until I’m senile and driving something with a CVT.  If you’re a gearhead, it’s better to have car friends.  Here’s why, and how to find some. Continue reading “How to Make Car Friends”

Old Cars Are Just Better

Old Cars Are Better

Old Cars Are Better

At 4 this morning, I decided to admit to myself that sleep wasn’t coming, so I got up.  Hands shaking, I customized my new phone until I could reasonably get dressed and drive down to Dagwood’s, the nearest diner open at 5.  Dagwood’s was already ancient by the time my ’87 CRX was in development.  It was dishing up massive half-orders of biscuits and gravy when the first Camaros rolled into Kansas City.  It made pancakes when the Willys Jeep was still shuttling GIs toward victory in Europe.  As I shoveled similar pancakes into my mouth, a sturdy brace to a stomach bitterly void of all but pain meds, I got to thinking about that old rusted heap of Honda parked just outside. Continue reading “Old Cars Are Just Better”

Awesome Cars Use Superpowers to Fight Stroke

National Orange Popsicle Week Car Show

Casual car shows are fun.  There’s no commitment, you can bring whatever, and you can leave when you want.  But when you have an awesome car, you can turn it into a weapon against the forces of evil by entering it in a benefit car show.  There are car shows to benefit just about every good cause, including arts education.  We shot one a few weeks ago here in Kansas City, and we’ve just been sitting on it.  Sorry about that. Continue reading “Awesome Cars Use Superpowers to Fight Stroke”