NSX and i8: The Next Wave

BMW i8 Concept Car
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Two new supercars are on their way in 2014.  They have different approaches, but they’re both mid-engine, and they’re both hybrids.  Don’t worry, though.  It’s the good kind of hybrid.  You’ve seen concepts of both of them in movies, but the reality may be even cooler.

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Hybrids 2.0: A Coming of Age

toyota hybrid conceptI read Catcher in the Rye when I was a sophomore in high school and I remembered being a little disappointed by the end.  Holden didn’t really prove to be much of a hero, and as a lover of the traditional story, I didn’t get it.  I asked my mom, a teacher, why Salinger’s little book was such a masterpiece.  “It’s a coming of age story,” she said.  And then I understood, being much the same age as the protagonist.  Holden Caulfield’s little adventure in the city was a disillusionment, when he had to face the fact that though he was born with into wealth, not everything was going to fall into his lap. Continue reading “Hybrids 2.0: A Coming of Age”