Transforming Your 2015 Ford F-150 Interior in 20 Minutes or Less

2015 Ford F-150 Interior Accessories - Husky Liners

There are parts that are easy to install, and then there are parts you could install in your sleep.  While juggling chainsaws.  And riding on a water buffalo.  Strapped to a Saturn rocket.  Improving the look, feel, and functionality of your Ford F-150 interior is the easiest thing you can do, but the rewards are monumental.  We’re going to be generous and say you can finish all of these mods in 20 minutes, though you’ll probably get through them much more quickly.  Here are our top four mods for the 2015 Ford F-150 interior.  Continue reading “Transforming Your 2015 Ford F-150 Interior in 20 Minutes or Less”

AutoModding Your Ford F-150: Truck Bed Accessories

2015 Ford F-150 Truck Bed

Versatility. It’s why you bought your truck.  You can carry almost anything you’ll need.  You can tow.  And because you have a Supercrew, you can take your entire family along.  Your F-150 is a vehicle you can use for everything, but can you make it even more versatile?  Of course you can.  In terms of customizing your Ford, truck bed mods are the easiest way to increase its versatility.  You can transform your bed into just about anything with some F-150 truck bed accessories.  Let’s get started. Continue reading “AutoModding Your Ford F-150: Truck Bed Accessories”

AutoModding your Chevy Silverado Interior

Chevy Silverado

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.  No, we’re not making fun of your figure.  We’re talking about your Silverado.  As important as it is to mind your paint and your engine, the interior is sometimes neglected, making it a rather unpleasant environment for you and your passengers.  Seats get ripped, floors get muddy, and your stuff flies all over the place.  Life doesn’t have to be this way.  Your truck’s cabin can be a nice place to hang out.  We’ve narrowed down our four favorite Chevy Silverado interior accessories to make that happen.  Here are our top four Chevy truck interior parts for the 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. Continue reading “AutoModding your Chevy Silverado Interior”

AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 1

2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimitied

So you bought a Jeep Wrangler.  Maybe you like how well it does in the snow.  Maybe you hope to do a little off-roading when you get a free Saturday.  Or maybe you just like the looks.  The fact is, you ended up with one of the most capable SUVs on the market, on- or off-road.  The JK, especially the 4-door version, has been extremely successful for the Jeep brand, making it the 6th best selling marque in America.  That’s great for aftermarket support, but it also means there’s a billion other Jeeps just like yours rolling around.  And you’ve seen the pictures.  You know you can do anything with a JK.  but do you want to?  Many of those extreme Jeep JK mods would be useless to you, since you rarely, if ever, take your Jeep off road.  So is there some middle ground?  Is it possible to make your Jeep your own without transforming it into something found in Fury Road?  Absolutely. We’ve put together a short list of some incredibly accessible and easy Jeep JK mods on the market, stuff that will help you enjoy your current Jeeping experience better, without alot of work. Continue reading “AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 1”

AutoModding Your 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel: Part 1

We picked this truck because a reader gave us the idea, and not just because we have alot of 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 accessories.  He dropped it in the comments, and we gave him $100 for his trouble!  Want your own $100?  Just drop your own suggestion in the comments section, and you could win!  More below.

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

It’s time for a turbo build.  Yes, after our usual magazine of tuners, exhausts, and cold air intakes, we’re going to force the issue, and the induction.  Okay, so we’re taking a bit of an easy route, because this week’s AutoMods vehicle comes with a turbo in stock form, but we can’t pass up the opportunity to size up the snail, especially when it can buy us so much power.  Reader Brian Hampton’s suggestion of the Dodge Ram was a great one, and we chose a 2005 2500 diesel Quad Cab because turbo. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel: Part 1”

AutoModding Your 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD: Part 2

Do you have an idea for the next vehicle we should AutoMod? drop it in the comments, and if we choose it, we’ll send you $100! Details below.

2013 Toyota Tacoma

Yesterday we covered some of the mods Danny has added and plans to add to his 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab Long Bed.  Toyota makes some of the toughest trucks on the planet, and Danny wanted tough mods to match, so his Tacoma would be just as good on the trail as it is on the road.  In Part 1, we covered wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, and some performance upgrades.  Today we’re covering appearance, protection, and trail functionality, so strap in.  It’s Part 2 of Danny’s 2013 Toyota Tacoma mods in AutoMods. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD: Part 2”

AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Appearance and Protection

What vehicle should get the AutoMods treatment next?
Drop your idea in the comment section and if we choose it, you could win a $100 gift card to! We’ll select the winner on NEXT Friday (February 27th) at noon central.

2010 Dodge Charger

We’ve cranked up the horsepower. We’ve improved the handling with suspension and braking upgrades. The second-shaving is done here. Now it’s onto the two Ps. No, we’re not talking about Peas and Pudding, that delicious staple of the American diet. We mean Preference and Protection. Today we’re talking about some appearance and interior mods you can use to create a custom look for your Charger, as well as protect it from the everyday friction of life. Continue reading “AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Appearance and Protection”

Husky Liners For Your 2015 Ford F-150

It’s a brand new 2015 Ford F-150.  With an aluminum body that has saved them 700 pounds and a new 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, Ford has managed to build the most efficient F-Series truck ever, setting a new standard for the industry.  But they don’t do cheap.  That aluminum body is even stronger than the steel, and that 2.7 uses Ford’s EcoBoost technology which is time tested for durability.

Husky Liners for 2015 Ford F-150 Continue reading “Husky Liners For Your 2015 Ford F-150”

Follow Friday: Weatherproof Edition

Temperatures are cooling. There’s a soothing haze in the air. The leaves have begun to blush. Yes, the colder months are on our doorstep, and after that mortar storm of a summer, they’re quire welcome. Thankfully, our fun with cars and racing doesn’t have to die off with the flowers. Here’s a few people who are only accelerating into the snows. Follow them on twitter.

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Follow Friday Helper: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Oh yeah. It’s Memorial Day Weekend, guys. Memorial Day. It’s a time to remember our fallen heroes, to celebrate the freedom they held safe for us, and to not come in to work on Monday. It’s not a time to sit around with your head in your hands wondering who on Earth you should follow on social. (if this is how you spend your weekends, we have some help lines you can call). We’ll take care of everything. Here are our picks for who you should be following this week.

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