#NationalDogDay: How to Bring Your Dog on a Road Trip

Within the next ten days, America will celebrate two of the most important holidays of the year. One, Labor Day, we all know well. It’s the officially unofficial marker to the end of summer. A day some of us are lucky enough to have off from work and most of us pass with a barbecue or trip out of town.

But the other day, the day that’s arguably more important is today.  A day that, while definitely not a government holiday, should still be celebrated with fervor and excitement because it’s the day you get to put man’s best friend first–if you’re fortunate enough to have one, anyway. Today is National Dog Day. Continue reading “#NationalDogDay: How to Bring Your Dog on a Road Trip”

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4 Steps to a Sound Proof Car

Dynamat 10465
You’re on a mission.  You want to eliminate road noise, noise from outside the vehicle, and all sorts of little vibration and resonance noises that penetrate the cabin of your car.  If you succeed, you’ll achieve the “nerve calming quiet” that a lot of luxury car makers charge top dollar for.

Here’s a quick guide to sound-proofing your vehicle with basic materials and tools.

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