Think You Have a Carb Problem? Let’s Talk it Out…

If you are blessed with something called a carburetor sitting on your engine, chances are that you know your way around a device that most wouldn’t know any better than some obscure Etruscan artifact. It also means that from time to time, you find yourself called to diagnose a power plant malady of one kind or another, be it a stock or aftermarket carb. Should you have multiple carburetors attached to your engine, you are a saint and have my deepest sympathies.

When it’s time to diagnose a carb problem, these tips always seem to help.

Carburetor Nomenclature

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Follow Friday: Back to School Edition

All right, you little anklebiters, put your little cap-erasers and your Trapper Keepers in your Wiz backpacks and pretend to at least be excited to see your friends again, because it’s time to go back to school. And before you start complaining about Miss Barth’s Algebra II class, just realize that when you’re grown up, or at least when your body gets older, your summer will consist of a long weekend driving to Iowa to see the in-laws. That’s right. You have to work all summer. You don’t get as much time to obliterate the sides of your mouth with freezy-pop wrappers or burn your eyes on chlorine at the public pool or find people for this week’s Follow Friday on Twitter. So here’s some people for your busy, tired parents to follow.

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4 Advantages of Holley EFI over Carburetors

Holley 0-76750BK
The Holley brothers pretty much invented the performance aftermarket carburetor.  For years, nay, decades, Holley was the go-to name if you wanted to upgrade your fuel delivery system.  You were going to bolt on a bigger Holley carb.  And from the 1950 Ford Police Package to the 1967 Z/28 Camaro to the 1968 428 Cobra Jet Mustang, manufacturers turned to Holley to get the best results for their high-performance special editions.  But the age of the carburetor is over.  Now carbs are to be appreciated for their velocity stacks and intake screens, but not necessarily for their modern power benefits.  Here are 4 reasons you should upgrade your carb to a Holley EFI system. Continue reading “4 Advantages of Holley EFI over Carburetors”

The Transmission Job: Part II

Andy's Rebuilt Transmission

When we last left our stalwart Wagon, its original transmission, which I’ve dubbed Alex, had just been swapped for a rebuilt unit, henceforth referred to as Derek.  And Derek wasn’t happy.  He howled and crunched all the way home that night, in his best impression of a straight-cut rally-spec dogbox, even though he was a synchromesh transmission.  He wasn’t fooling anyone.  On top of that, a broken wastegate bolt opened the door for a vacuum leak, and it sounded hilarious, as if Tex Avery had tuned my car.  It really wasn’t too far off from one of those spinning party whistles that your mom threw away when you weren’t looking so she wouldn’t have to pay to see a shrink.

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Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 14

This week saw the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and the unveiling of a whole fleet of awesome. We know you’re busy in your brain racing a Nissan IDx against a Kia GT4 Stinger, so we put together a tidy list of people you should follow on Twitter.

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The Cars of the Performance Racing Industry Show 2013

Performance Racing Industry Show CarsOne of the first things I learned about the Performance Racing Industry Show was that it was strictly professional.  This wasn’t a show for the slapstick silliness of SEMA.  It was straight down to professional racing and only professional racing.  So I imagined it to be a room full of high-end racing parts.  And it was.  What I didn’t expect to see was a fleet of awesome cars.  As the old saying goes, a show car is not always a race car, but a race car is always a show car. Continue reading “The Cars of the Performance Racing Industry Show 2013”

Pro-touring Shootout: Choose your EFI

EFI upgrades
Back in 1974, when your current classic was just a daily driver, it wouldn’t have been hard to convince you to make the switch to the yet-nonexistent Electronic Fuel Injection, especially in the winter.  But cold starts aren’t the only trouble with carburetors.  They’re imprecise, tough to tune, and need regular maintenance.  Making the invisible switch over to EFI can mean a major boost for your car’s usability.  And who are we kidding?  It’s all about the performance. Continue reading “Pro-touring Shootout: Choose your EFI”

Tire Smoke Eulogy: Eight Shelby-influenced Treasures

Shelby Daytona CoupeWe took an opportunity earlier to remember Carroll Shelby’s life, but there are a few details you can’t cover in a short obituary. There are sounds and emotions, fender curves and high-rising cam noises, little nuances and details a few words could never begin to describe. So instead, we’ll show you. Throughout his life Shelby built and influenced many race-winning monsters. Here are a few. Continue reading “Tire Smoke Eulogy: Eight Shelby-influenced Treasures”

Seven Sneaky Sleepers to Tuck You In

top sleeper carsThere’s nothing more awesome than a well-sculpted supercar, looking like it’s going 130 while it’s parked in front of Starbucks.  But even cooler is the sleeper car- the quiet little suitcase nuke with an amicable personality and a friendly, if forgettable, smile.  Fooling countless cops and complainers worldwide, the sleeper has a long tradition of little-old-me buffoonery.  Here are seven brilliant examples to make you reconsider your next traffic light rev-challenge. Continue reading “Seven Sneaky Sleepers to Tuck You In”

Pass or Buy: A Bucket of Fun?

T-Bucket RoadsterLast week’s Wilbur of a pickup was pink all over, but its $55k price tag had every last one of you turning red. Today’s $14,000 Pass or Buy hot rod is probably the same shade of crimson, but its price may be much closer to keeping you in the black. Continue reading “Pass or Buy: A Bucket of Fun?”