On the Blacktop: Gems of a Saturday Car Show


I tend to megaphone some of the car events I get to cover, like the Art of the Car Concours, the Greenwood Revival, and the Woodward Dream Cruise.  And I should, since they’re the Ron Burgundys of my car show experience.  They’re kindof a big deal.  But go to any smaller, single-lot car show on a Saturday in July, and you’re just as likely to see something incredible.
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Woodward 2012: Part 1

2012 Woodward CruiseYou learn early on that you can’t really experience the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Take any other car show, even a race, and set it before your mind.  You remember certain things about it, right?  Little samples of your weekend.  You picked examples of what that outing really meant, certain entries, stunts, or performances that truly represent it for you.  You dug into those standouts, dissecting them with your eyes, printing them on your brain forever.  Twenty years from now you’ll describe with precision the flawless beauty of that particular muscle car, or the way Mr. So-and-so made that unbelievable pass. Continue reading “Woodward 2012: Part 1”