5 Advantages of an Extang Solid Fold Tonneau

Quite recently we looked at 5 definite advantages of the soft tonneau.  We mentioned, however, in that same article, that we’re basically the one-eyed arms dealers here, and that we willingly supply both sides of the eternal Hard vs. Soft Tonneau Wars.  So now it’s time to give the hard folding tonneau people a shot.  And as the perfect platform, we’ve chosen Extang’s Solid Fold and Encore hard folding tonneaus.  This will be infinitely more helpful than other tonneau cover reviews.  Here are five practical advantages.

Extang Solid Fold

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Truck Tonneau Covers for Every Job, by Extang

Extang truck tonneau covers

Extang may or may not be an amalgam of Extra and Mustang (which wouldn’t make any sense at all), but they definitely make some incredible tonneau covers. They design them with obsessive precision and warranty them for life.

But not only do they make durable truck tonneau covers, they make several different kinds. I believe they did some extensive market research to determine their customers’ exact needs. Continue reading “Truck Tonneau Covers for Every Job, by Extang”

Cargo Management: Avoiding Pain in the Rear

Managing your cargo can be a pain.  For Pickups, there are a lot of options to choose from to help keep your cargo organized.Managing the cargo in the bed of your truck can be a real pain in the rear (pun intended). Cargo can slide and become difficult to reach, it hurts your knees to crawl across the bed to retrieve items and cargo in an open truck bed is an invitation for both theft and weather damage. We have good news–each of these issues is easily resolved by a number of readily available accessories for your truck. Continue reading “Cargo Management: Avoiding Pain in the Rear”

All About Tonneau Covers

If you drive a truck, a tonneau cover should be high on your list of desired accessories. Tonneau covers fit over the bed of a pickup truck and are available in a wide range of materials and styles. In addition to looking great, tonneaus offer a number of benefits for anybody that drives a pick-up. Continue reading “All About Tonneau Covers”