GReddy: A Part of Aftermarket History

Where it all began

It all started in late 1976. Before GReddy was GReddy, it was just one man, a racing enthusiast in Japan’s grassroots racing community building his own exhausts. The exhausts performed so well that eventually, other racers started taking notice and urged that same enthusiast to build them their own performance exhausts. Within a year, The Trust Company of Japan was born.

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Volant Exhaust: No Rookies

Volant Exhaust Systems - 2011-15 Toyota Tundra 5.7L

Volant Exhaust Systems 54523 - 2011-13 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
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Volant 54523

There are two types of aftermarket exhausts.  The first type is designed to increase flow, improving horsepower and torque.  It is durably constructed and specifically tuned per vehicle to eliminate drone and create an aggressive exhaust note that is distinctly not pleasing in the cabin.  The second type is just loud.  It’s welded together by some no-name company in some country that doesn’t care about said company’s litany of human rights violations.  It drones, it rusts, and it usually hampers performance.  But it’s loud and it’s cheap, so people buy it.  You’ll want to avoid these.  But Volant Performance makes the first type. Continue reading “Volant Exhaust: No Rookies”

AutoModding Your 2014 Chevy Silverado: Power

Welcome to our very first edition of AutoMods, our new, bi-weekly series that takes one of your favorite vehicles and virtually builds it into a beast.  Have a suggestion for the next AutoMods vehicle candidate? Shoot it our way in the comments and if we pick it (we’ll pick on the final Friday of each month – February 27 this month), and you could win a $100 gift card.

Find a parking lot.  Any lot in America will do.  If it’s full or nearly so, there’s a good chance you’ll see more than a few new pickup trucks slotted between those yellow lines.  Pickups are far and away the best selling vehicle category in America, dominating the charts for decades.  Why?  The reasons are myriad.  Many people use them for work.  Some use them for play.  But most just buy pickups because they can.  American roads are wider, American gas is cheaper, and the American psyche loves anything that’s bigger.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Dynomax Cat-Back Exhausts: Not Just for the Street

The rivals inched up to the line, their massive V8s- his a 428, hers a 426- shaking nearby windows and the nerves of small children, even at idle.  Then the lights turned green and the whole world turned to thunder.

Dynomax Exhausts at the King of the Hammers

A pair of tuned, American muscle cars is the general picture we get when we talk about aftermarket exhaust, as if the only vehicles needing the benefits of higher flow are found on the street and strip.  Dynomax is here with their Jeep line to make sure you never forget that you can make just as much thunder off-road as you can on the pavement. Continue reading “Dynomax Cat-Back Exhausts: Not Just for the Street”

Get a 2015 Mustang Exhaust from Gibson for 32 Extra HP!

So you’ve ordered your 2015 Ford Mustang GT, and you can’t wait to get it.  You’re burning to quietly creep it into your neighborhood, turn it off, and let it sit silent in the driveway.  It’s going to be so great when you’re whooshing along country roads, listening to the radiator fan, another bad radio station, and the wind whistling through your windows.  There will be nothing like cutting the engine before you pull up at the car show so as not to disturb anyone.  Right?  Heck no!  For the love of chowder, one of the greatest things about the car is that Mustang GT Exhaust noise!  Don’t trap it in the factory exhaust.  Let it sing with a Gibson Performance system.  And add 32 Camaro-slapping horsepower while you’re at it.

We were supposed to see the first 2015 Mustangs reach dealerships “sometime this fall,” but the leaves don’t seem to be changing yet in Dearborn.  In any case, the new Stang should hit the streets before the end of the year.  Gibson Performance, however, already got theirs, and although we could waste our energy burning with jealousy, we should really be glad, because they’ve used their time well, engineering the perfect cat-back 2015 Mustang Exhaust.

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Building Your Own Catback Exhaust: Is It A Good Idea?

Most auto enthusiasts have thought about building their own exhaust systems at some point. Maybe it’s to save money. Maybe it’s to test out fabricating skills. Maybe it’s because standard after-market systems don’t meet expectations.

Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about building your own exhaust and you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth doing. The short answer? A home made exhaust can be a good idea if you do it right, but there’s a lot you could do wrong.

Catback Exhaust

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