AutoMods 2005 Nissan 350Z: Better Handling and Brakes

This week in AutoMods, we’re modding our first ever user-submitted car.  Because we chose it, the guy who suggested it won $100!  You could win a hundred bucks, too.  Just drop your suggestions in the comment section.  Details below.

2005 Nissan 350Z - Before Mods

To be honest, sports cars aren’t even about power.  The most important characteristic of a sports car is cornering.  Power comes second.  The more power you can pack in while maintaining that cornering ability, the better, but once you lose control, you lose a significant aspect of the sports car identity.  As a GT car, the Z has more power than smaller sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 or the Pontiac Solstice, and on Tuesday we added even more with a few simple mods.  Now it’s time to make sure this thing can still take a corner.  Soon we’ll have your Nissan 350Z handling like it’s on rails. Continue reading “AutoMods 2005 Nissan 350Z: Better Handling and Brakes”

AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Handling and Brakes

What vehicle should we virtually mod next? Maybe we could take your own project through AutoMods? Leave us your suggestion in the comments, and if we pick it, you’ll win a $100 gift card to help!

2010 Dodge Charger - Before Mods

Yes, all the V8 Charger people can brag about power, with all their Hemis and their Hellcats. But power isn’t the only thing they have. They also have almost 300 lbs more in weight than your V6 Charger. That means you’re driving the Charger superleggera, and you already have the edge in braking and handling. Here are a few simple mods you can use to take your corner game to the next level and leave those chunky V8s oversteering in your wake. Continue reading “AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Handling and Brakes”