Common Car Hauling Mistakes and 10 Tips For Preventing Them

Towing is one of the main reasons people buy trucks and large SUVs. However, despite all the towing that people do every day, towing safety is hit or miss. For every smart and safe driver with towing experience, there’s a yahoo throwing caution to the wind and putting everyone in his or her immediate vicinity in danger.

Here are the most common towing mistakes I see, as well as ten towing safety tips that anyone who tows should know.

Common Car Hauling Mistakes
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AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 1

2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimitied

So you bought a Jeep Wrangler.  Maybe you like how well it does in the snow.  Maybe you hope to do a little off-roading when you get a free Saturday.  Or maybe you just like the looks.  The fact is, you ended up with one of the most capable SUVs on the market, on- or off-road.  The JK, especially the 4-door version, has been extremely successful for the Jeep brand, making it the 6th best selling marque in America.  That’s great for aftermarket support, but it also means there’s a billion other Jeeps just like yours rolling around.  And you’ve seen the pictures.  You know you can do anything with a JK.  but do you want to?  Many of those extreme Jeep JK mods would be useless to you, since you rarely, if ever, take your Jeep off road.  So is there some middle ground?  Is it possible to make your Jeep your own without transforming it into something found in Fury Road?  Absolutely. We’ve put together a short list of some incredibly accessible and easy Jeep JK mods on the market, stuff that will help you enjoy your current Jeeping experience better, without alot of work. Continue reading “AutoModding your Jeep JK: Stage 1”

Follow Friday: Smoke a Tire Edition

It’s a new month, and some of us are still buzzing from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last night. The rest of us haven’t seen it yet. But enough about awesome, hilarious, and hilariously awesome movies. What about cars? Alot of folks have been in the news this week, so here’s just a few of them you should follow.

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How to Choose the Right Draw-Tite Hitch Receiver

Draw-Tite Hitch on a Scion

It’s summer, and it’s time to hit the American vacationscape.  And for the first time, you’re towing a trailer.  Maybe it’s a camper, a car carrier, a boat, or maybe it’s just a couple of bikes or kayaks.  But you’re looking at hitches and they keep mentioning classes and inches and adding wheels and something about goose heads?  And right now you’re about ready to just put the trailer up on Craigslist and hope you don’t get murdered when the buyer offers to meet you on the other side of town.

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