Fix Your Car’s AC Already

Fix Your Cars AC Already

Summer brings a host of enthralling activities.  Vacations.  Theme parks.  Beach volleyball in Kansas.  And my personal favorite, complaining about how often the sun tries to kill me.  Maybe it’s because I’m a certified ginger, and we’re scientifically known to be more sensitive to heat and cold.  Maybe it’s because I’m bitter about losing the three months of total freedom I loved so dearly as a child.  Or maybe I’m just tired of walking around with 48 active mosquito bites, a patch of poison ivy, three forms of sunburn, and a constant layer of sweat.  Like I’m sitting in a cup of coffee.  But I just made summer a little more survivable when I fixed the air conditioning in my 19-year-old car.  And I did it on the cheap. Continue reading “Fix Your Car’s AC Already”

Building Your Own Catback Exhaust: Is It A Good Idea?

Most auto enthusiasts have thought about building their own exhaust systems at some point. Maybe it’s to save money. Maybe it’s to test out fabricating skills. Maybe it’s because standard after-market systems don’t meet expectations.

Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about building your own exhaust and you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth doing. The short answer? A home made exhaust can be a good idea if you do it right, but there’s a lot you could do wrong.

Catback Exhaust

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How to Install a BedRug BedMat in a Bed

BedRug BedMat Installation
If you don’t know what BedRug makes, skip back a few words and read the name again.  They make rugs for the bed of your truck.  In all fairness, though, a BedRug BedMat is so much stinkin’ more.

Realistically, BedRug installation takes about four and a half minutes.  This is a do it yourself bed liner in the truest sense of the word.  But since management has hooked up electrodes from my seat to my computer to make sure I keep typing or I’ll get the jibblies again, I thought I’d walk you through it. Continue reading “How to Install a BedRug BedMat in a Bed”

Leftovers, and What to do With Them

The best part about Black Friday isn’t having your face stepped on while you’re on the way to the electronics department.  It isn’t contracting hypothermia while freezing rain accumulates on your pajama pants.  It’s not even the incredibly mind blowing deals we slapped up on Streetside.

It’s the leftovers. Continue reading “Leftovers, and What to do With Them”