6 Car Rumors That Will Never Happen

The Nukizer

And what you should buy instead.

God bless the internet, where you can order pizza and visit Prague; where it’s kindof cute and socially acceptable to stalk people; where you can order awesome car parts for far cheaper than you’d get them anywhere else. But the internet has some downsides, too. And perhaps chief among them is that anybody can publish rumors at any time, and if they’re attractive enough, they become true. This is where so many car rumors surface. It’s always coming out in 3 or 4 years, it’s usually an enthusiast car, and it’s generally something that could stir up nostalgia. Here are our top 6 impossible but rumored cars, and what you should get that will be just as good or better. Continue reading “6 Car Rumors That Will Never Happen”

NSX and i8: The Next Wave

BMW i8 Concept Car
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Two new supercars are on their way in 2014.  They have different approaches, but they’re both mid-engine, and they’re both hybrids.  Don’t worry, though.  It’s the good kind of hybrid.  You’ve seen concepts of both of them in movies, but the reality may be even cooler.

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