Old Cars Are Just Better

Old Cars Are Better

Old Cars Are Better

At 4 this morning, I decided to admit to myself that sleep wasn’t coming, so I got up.  Hands shaking, I customized my new phone until I could reasonably get dressed and drive down to Dagwood’s, the nearest diner open at 5.  Dagwood’s was already ancient by the time my ’87 CRX was in development.  It was dishing up massive half-orders of biscuits and gravy when the first Camaros rolled into Kansas City.  It made pancakes when the Willys Jeep was still shuttling GIs toward victory in Europe.  As I shoveled similar pancakes into my mouth, a sturdy brace to a stomach bitterly void of all but pain meds, I got to thinking about that old rusted heap of Honda parked just outside. Continue reading “Old Cars Are Just Better”

How to Love Too Many Cars: Art of the Car Concours 2016

2016 Art of the Car Concours

“What’s your favorite car?”  It’s been a long time since I’ve had an answer for this.  I usually get the question after I’ve known a nice person, who isn’t into cars, for a short period of time.  Hungry to make conversation, they ask me what car I’d buy if money wasn’t an issue.  “If you could have any one car..?”  The question throws me into an internal crisis.  It isn’t like asking what’s at the top of a list.  They’re asking me to pick my favorite M&M out of a bucket.  I can’t even choose from those I cans see, and there are layers and layers beneath it.  Yet picking a favorite out of masterpieces was exactly what we were asked to do at Sunday’s Art of the Car Concours in Kansas City. Continue reading “How to Love Too Many Cars: Art of the Car Concours 2016”

Follow Friday: One Year Edition

That’s right, folks, it’s been one year since we started bringing you the best and brightest of the Twitterverse with Follow Friday. To celebrate, we’ve racked up the very best automotive accounts to follow this week. Check them out, follow them, and have an awesome weekend!

Follow Friday: One Year Edition Continue reading “Follow Friday: One Year Edition”

These Cars are Begging for an Engine Swap

The best cars are built by crazy people.  Now cars, from the Toyota Prius to the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, come with engines that will help them sell, engines that will make their companies some bucks.  But once they hit the market, you can give them the engines they really need.  Here are six cars that could use engine swaps.  And what they should get instead.

Engine Swap Continue reading “These Cars are Begging for an Engine Swap”

4 Advantages of Holley EFI over Carburetors

Holley 0-76750BK
The Holley brothers pretty much invented the performance aftermarket carburetor.  For years, nay, decades, Holley was the go-to name if you wanted to upgrade your fuel delivery system.  You were going to bolt on a bigger Holley carb.  And from the 1950 Ford Police Package to the 1967 Z/28 Camaro to the 1968 428 Cobra Jet Mustang, manufacturers turned to Holley to get the best results for their high-performance special editions.  But the age of the carburetor is over.  Now carbs are to be appreciated for their velocity stacks and intake screens, but not necessarily for their modern power benefits.  Here are 4 reasons you should upgrade your carb to a Holley EFI system. Continue reading “4 Advantages of Holley EFI over Carburetors”

Collector Car Appreciation Day 2014

Without trying to sound like that great uncle of yours who pretends he’s getting paid to forward every conspiracy-laden email he receives to everyone he’s ever met, it seems like government is cracking down on this whole “car enthusiasm” thing more and more every year.  Safety and emissions regulations have swollen out performance upgrades.  Speed limits remain at their archaic lows.  And government at every level is finding new and creative ways to tax cars into submission.  Missouri, for example, charges sales tax for private party used sales and yearly property taxes for simply owning your car.  But back in 2009, two gearheads, who happen to be members of the United States Senate, proved that not all lawmakers want to put us on bicycles.  They created Collector Car Appreciation Day, and it’s going down this Friday.

Collector Car Appreciation Day - Galaxie

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The 2014 Art of the Car Concours

1910 Maytag Mason

I heard it coming before I saw it, rattling like constant but irregular machine gun fire. I primed my camera, and the 1954 Troutman and Barnes Special steamrolled around the corner. It looked too small for the sound it made. Just a two-seat race car, it could have fit inside a Mazda Miata. But that sound…  Continue reading “The 2014 Art of the Car Concours”

Driving a Classic Ford Galaxie as a Younger Guy

WeatherTech Car Mats

When you’re 29, settling into a low-backed, barely-a-bucket seat without a seatbelt is a bit unsettling.  I remember seeing PSAs to “buckle up for safety” when I was much younger, but these days it’s just common sense, perhaps because of those very Crash Test Dummy PSAs.  Not using the seat belt would be like checking “roof of fuselage” for your seating preference on a flight.

But when there’s no belt to click, it’s also a bit thrilling.  Your safety is up to you.  You have to shoulder the responsibility of driving your car like you would a rifle or an excavator.  The car doesn’t really care about you.  There’s very little space between you and revolutionary dismemberment if you fall asleep behind the wheel of a 1963 Ford Galaxie Convertible.  Thankfully, you probably won’t.

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Hell Wins 8 Corvettes with Sinkhole Attack

Corvette Muesem SinkholeWORMWOOD, FIRST CIRCLE, SUB-KENTUCKY – Reports are in today that yesterday’s sabotage of the National Corvette Museum above sub-Bowling Green was a success. High Command has confirmed that no fewer than 8 Corvettes were swallowed into the firey pits of Hell after a series of well-placed detonations triggered a sinkhole beneath the Museum’s iconic Skydome. Continue reading “Hell Wins 8 Corvettes with Sinkhole Attack”

The Lords of Woodward: Part III

Woodward Dream Cruise 2013
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I’ve been discussing some of my favorite cars I saw at this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise just two weeks ago.  And it has taken a while (see Part I & Part II).  Here’s a few more of my favorites. Continue reading “The Lords of Woodward: Part III”