AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Handling and Brakes

What vehicle should we virtually mod next? Maybe we could take your own project through AutoMods? Leave us your suggestion in the comments, and if we pick it, you’ll win a $100 gift card to help!

2010 Dodge Charger - Before Mods

Yes, all the V8 Charger people can brag about power, with all their Hemis and their Hellcats. But power isn’t the only thing they have. They also have almost 300 lbs more in weight than your V6 Charger. That means you’re driving the Charger superleggera, and you already have the edge in braking and handling. Here are a few simple mods you can use to take your corner game to the next level and leave those chunky V8s oversteering in your wake. Continue reading “AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Handling and Brakes”

AutoModding Your 2010 Dodge Charger: More Power

What vehicle should we virtually mod next? Maybe we could take your own project through AutoMods? Leave us your suggestion in the comments, and if we pick it, you’ll win a $100 gift card to help!

2010 Dodge Charger - Before Mods

The Dodge Charger wears many hats.  It debuted in 2006 at the Chicago Auto Show as a creative adaptation of Chrysler’s rear-driven LX platform, already in use on the Magnum and the Chrysler 300.  Yet the Charger was a big risk for Dodge, and not only because it meant associating Dodge’s famous muscle car moniker with a four-door, but because outside of the luxury market, with such offerings as the 300 and the Cadillac CTS, and Ford’s soon-dead Panther, there were no rear-wheel-drive sedans in America.  Impalas and Malibus had all been tamed under front-driven platforms. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 2010 Dodge Charger: More Power”

$100 off Bestop’s Amazing Powered Running Boards from the Future

It’s a fairly simple idea, using fairly simple mechanisms.  But it’s changing the world of truck customization overnight.  Running boards are perfect for getting yourself into your truck or Jeep.  But they inhibit ground clearance, increase drag, and are exposed to the elements for the 99.99% of the time they’re not in use.  It’s not as if we don’t have the technology to solve this conundrum.  But Bestop actually did with their PowerBoards™.  Here’s how they work.

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When you need them, they’re down.  When you don’t, they’re up.  It’s that simple.  Bestop power running boards have electric motors that raise and lower them at need.  Bestop uses a door sensor to activate your running boards, so open the door on your truck or Jeep and the running board will swing out quickly so you can use it to step up into the cab.  Close the door, and the board will fold back up under your truck, flush and nearly invisible.  Front doors and rear doors work identically.

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Ford Focus RS Proves Cars are Still Alive

This may be the final age of the commuter automobile.  Government CAFE regulations are choking out interesting vehicles by the dozen.  Laziness and fear have formed a rare partnership, hiring technology to eliminate driving.  Lane drift alarms, blind spot monitors, and adaptive cruise control have been at this for years, and the self-driving car is at our gates.  Soon Skynet-backed robots will be ferrying their meatbag owners to work in endless, anonymous road trains, a dense clog in the colon of the American highway.

Ford Focus RS

But if we truly live in the death throes of the hand-driven commuter vehicle, it isn’t dying in a nursing home.  It’s going down in a blaze of turbocharged glory.  Yes, the drivers’ car can use technology, too.  Perhaps no new car has lead this charge like the new Ford Focus RS, revealed just last week in Germany. Continue reading “Ford Focus RS Proves Cars are Still Alive”

AutoMods: An Introduction

Here at Streetside, we love talking about cars.  New cars, classic cars, fast cars, rare cars, and race cars.  Trucks, too!  And if all of those subcategories of automobilia have one thing in common, it’s that they’re fairly expensive.  Most of us would cruise around in ZL-1s or classic Continentals if we could, but for now, we’re stuck with what we have.

Chevy SS

And sometimes, what we have is pretty stinking awesome, and we can make it even more so.  Streetside’s own Kyle, for example, bought his F-150 EcoBoost to haul his boat, but he found a huge improvement just adding an aFe intercooler.

With this in mind, we’re launching a new series called AutoMods.  Each week we’ll feature a new ride, some of the most frequently modded by our customers, some employee vehicles, and some we just think deserve some easy upgrades, and explore, in two or three blog posts, just how awesome it can be using parts we offer on Streetside. Continue reading “AutoMods: An Introduction”

Husky Liners For Your 2015 Ford F-150

It’s a brand new 2015 Ford F-150.  With an aluminum body that has saved them 700 pounds and a new 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, Ford has managed to build the most efficient F-Series truck ever, setting a new standard for the industry.  But they don’t do cheap.  That aluminum body is even stronger than the steel, and that 2.7 uses Ford’s EcoBoost technology which is time tested for durability.

Husky Liners for 2015 Ford F-150 Continue reading “Husky Liners For Your 2015 Ford F-150”

Ecoboost Intercooler: How to pull your boat better

Install Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30-60 minutes

When your forced induction truck needs to cool off what is a person to do?  Enter the BladeRunner.  I’m not talking about the old early 80’s film.  I’m talking about aFe Power’s series of intercoolers for today’s late model turbocharged trucks.  As a guy with a 2012 F-150 Ecoboost that likes to haul a heavy 22ft boat, I wanted to make sure my truck kept its cool.  Cool intake air, that is.

The Ecoboost intercooler in its stock form has been proven to overheat quite quickly.  As RPMs go up from a hard dyno pull or yanking a load around, the stock Ecoboost intercooler is quickly heated up and power of course is reduced due to the hotter intake charge being delivered.  aFe Power has the solution.

Let’s take a look at a side by side comparison of the stock Ecoboost intercoolerand the aFe Bladerunner below.

aFe Power Intercooler Install - comparing side by side

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Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014

It’s the final lap.  We’ve maneuvered through 2014 with all the finesse we could muster, and we’ll leave whether or not we won up to you, but we’ve definitely finished.  It’s been a year of rallies, concourses, races, and roof racks, and stank elimination.  But let’s not forget our Twittering.  Here are our favorite fifty automotive Twitter accounts, our ultimate Follow Friday…on a Wednesday. Follow Friday: Best of 2014 Continue reading “Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014”

An AFE Intake’s Secret Weapon

Take a look at your calendar.  Can you slice out half an hour in the garage?  Great.  You can add 10-15 horsepower to your car with an AFE cold air intake.  But how does it work?  What’s that key seasoning that makes the AFE intake so efficient?

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How Yakima Roof Racks Actually Work

Yakima Ski/Snowboard Roof Rack Being Used
Scenario: You pull up to the ski lodge, your car having deftly carved its way up the mountain passes though precipitation in every frozen form.  Oh yes, you’re in for a great weekend of not breaking your ankles with your new snowboard.  But as you awkwardly wrestle your board out of your trunk, and back seat, and front seats, you realize that all the other cars have their boards in those sweet snowboard carriers.  On the porch, the man or woman who would have been your spouse just shakes his or her head and walks away.  No, you don’t shatter your ankles, but your life has been ruined, all because you thought roof racks were too complicated and hard to install.  DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU.  Just check out our quick guide to putting together your Yakima roof rack system in three simple stages. Continue reading “How Yakima Roof Racks Actually Work”