Yakima: Time To Pack All The Gear

Skip playing rock, paper, scissors on who gets to go on this trip. Yakima has the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s no fun excluding friends from a trip because there wasn’t room in the car. Skip trying to play Tetris with all the bags or gear and get the Yakima products that fit you, your lifestyle and your car. Maximize the fun by bringing all the friends and all the fishing, camping or biking equipment. Go out and make the memories with your friends and let Yakima worry about the luggage.

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How to Pick The Right Color Optima Battery

Optima Batteries are the first major overhaul of automotive power cells since they were invented way back in the dark ages.  They’re more stable at extreme temperatures, have a much longer lifespan, and are extremely vibration resistant, thanks to their unique AGM composition, which also gives them the appearance of six-pack holders.  Which would be a pretty cool promotional idea for Optima.  Anyway, we’re getting off track.  Optimas come in three colors of top and two colors of case, and it can all be a little confusing if you’re new to the brand.  So here’s a quick and easy run down of each type of Optima battery, and which color would suit your vehicle best.
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Honda CRX: From Beater to Project

1987 Honda CRX Si

I stood in the tiny gravel lot behind my apartment building, staring in appalled disgust at my 2002 WRX wagon, my dream car.  My dreams were dead.  The wagon had betrayed me, locking its engine, and I was so broke from the previous repairs that I couldn’t afford to fix anything else.  I would have to sell it.  The next few days were raw, desperate, and depressed.  I needed a car.  Through red-rimmed eyes I scanned Craigslist, looking to replace my car not with another WRX, that was out of the question, but with another copy of the best car I’ve ever owned: A 1990 Honda Accord Coupe with a manual.  Those had been the good days, when the most work a car had needed was an oil change or new brake pads.  But I found nothing.  All Accords were either carbureted, out of my price range, or worse: automatic.  I was downgrading, not retiring, and the last thing you need when you’re depressed about losing a car is to drive an automatic.  As the days passed, I broadened my search.  Anything.  Nothing.  Then I found a car.  A temporary car.  A beater, to get me through a financial rough patch.  And now I want to keep the little punk forever.  What happened?  How did I get here?

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Ram 1500 Mods: A Complete Guide

Ram 1500 Express

You finally bought your dream truck, a muscle-bound, full size Ram.  It has enough torque to carve the sequel to the Grand Canyon, and room enough to protect your entire family from the definitely impending zombie apocalypse.  It’s an awesome tribute to American ingenuity, a monument to getting dirt under your fingernails and working hard enough to work out while working.  But there’s always room for improvement.  So we put together a list of some of our favorite Dodge Ram 1500 mods and upgrades, many of which you can install yourself, right in your garage or driveway.  We get it: You have to budget for parts.  Since they’re not made out of cardboard and corn starch, they tend to cost a little more than your average giant barrel of cheese poofs, which is okay, since they last longer and are more nutritious.  So we organized these parts by price, from lowest to highest, so you can map out your own path for your Ram upgrades. Continue reading “Ram 1500 Mods: A Complete Guide”

AutoModding Your 2015 Mustang: Intakes

2015 Mustang

We’ve cleared the path out behind your Mustang’s engine with an exhaust, and we’ve made sure you’re getting all the fuel you reliably can with a power programmer.  Now it’s time to make sure your engine’s getting enough air with a cold air intake.  You have a few options for your 2015 Mustang intake, whether you got an EcoBoost or a GT, and we’re laying them all out for you. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 2015 Mustang: Intakes”

AutoMods 2005 Nissan 350Z: Better Handling and Brakes

This week in AutoMods, we’re modding our first ever user-submitted car.  Because we chose it, the guy who suggested it won $100!  You could win a hundred bucks, too.  Just drop your suggestions in the comment section.  Details below.

2005 Nissan 350Z - Before Mods

To be honest, sports cars aren’t even about power.  The most important characteristic of a sports car is cornering.  Power comes second.  The more power you can pack in while maintaining that cornering ability, the better, but once you lose control, you lose a significant aspect of the sports car identity.  As a GT car, the Z has more power than smaller sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 or the Pontiac Solstice, and on Tuesday we added even more with a few simple mods.  Now it’s time to make sure this thing can still take a corner.  Soon we’ll have your Nissan 350Z handling like it’s on rails. Continue reading “AutoMods 2005 Nissan 350Z: Better Handling and Brakes”

Bring Your Optima Battery Back from the Dead


Maybe you ran a few too many passes at the drag strip.  And maybe that Optima battery under the hood of your alternator-free drag car was a Red Top starting battery instead of a Yellow Top deep cycle battery.  Or maybe you just left your lights on.  At the airport while you were on a two week vacation.  However you did it, you killed that Optima dead.  Deader than ska music. Deader than Bob Dole’s presidential hopes. Deader than the bird in that amazing Monty Python sketch. But like some kind of walking, breathing defibrillator (in more ways than one), you can bring it back to life. Continue reading “Bring Your Optima Battery Back from the Dead”

Automodding Your 95 Camaro Z28: Suspension Upgrades

What car should we AutoMod next?  Drop your suggestion in the comments and you could win a $100!  Details below.

1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Before Camaro Suspension Upgrades

The other day we took a bone stock ’95 Camaro Z28 and with a few simple bolt-on upgrades added 3.2 craptons of power.  Now that we have the going taken care of, we’re going to work on the other two things a car should be good at: stopping and turning.  Because even if you’re running on the drag strip, brakes, suspension, and handling are all your friends.  Here’s how you can improve them on your Camaro. Continue reading “Automodding Your 95 Camaro Z28: Suspension Upgrades”

Is the 2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost the Future of Regular Cars?

2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost

The 2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost has been slowly permeating the American market for months now, but we haven’t really examined what that means. And it does mean something, because Ford snuck the future into this newest F-150, almost right under our noses. I say almost because we really seem to like it. America bought 17% more of its favorite truck last month. Ford has had to increase production. We like it despite how different it is, or perhaps because of it.

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AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Appearance and Protection

What vehicle should get the AutoMods treatment next?
Drop your idea in the comment section and if we choose it, you could win a $100 gift card to StreetsideAuto.com! We’ll select the winner on NEXT Friday (February 27th) at noon central.

2010 Dodge Charger

We’ve cranked up the horsepower. We’ve improved the handling with suspension and braking upgrades. The second-shaving is done here. Now it’s onto the two Ps. No, we’re not talking about Peas and Pudding, that delicious staple of the American diet. We mean Preference and Protection. Today we’re talking about some appearance and interior mods you can use to create a custom look for your Charger, as well as protect it from the everyday friction of life. Continue reading “AutoModding your 2010 Dodge Charger: Appearance and Protection”