Dodge to Become Muscle Brand, Reabsorb SRT – FCA

This week Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles is dumping news items like paratroopers.  They’re right in the middle of their latest Investor Day, which I assume is comprised of a legion of suited or pantsuited people gathered in a large room.  But ever the champion of the Little Guy, they’re posting all their plans for 2014-2018 online, as well.  And like a mother robin, I’m here to chew it up and regurgitate it to you in gulpable form.  We’ll start on the “American” side of the FCA brands with the most important bit: The SRT Viper is dead.

Dodge Challenger
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The $1,900 Snap Ring

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I didn’t buy an Alfa Romeo. I didn’t buy an MG. I bought a Subaru. Alfas have soul for days, MGs can handle like skis, but despite their merits, they’ve never been called bulletproof. I bought my WRX because it was. I wanted something fast and fun that wouldn’t turn me inside out with maintenance and repair. For the most part, it hasn’t. Yes, it faces the woes of any 12-year-old car with 150k on the clock. The plastics are fading, a few of the 226 horses may have escaped the stables, and the front seats have been replaced. But if I’d have known I’d eventually dump $1900 into a new rear differential, I might not have bought it. Continue reading “The $1,900 Snap Ring”