Ride-Rite Air Suspension: Your Solution To Towing

Firestone, we all know the name and the quality of their work. Many of us have had their tires on our car at some point, if not currently. The name pretty much speaks for itself in the tire world. Well, the same goes for their air suspension brand, Firestone Ride-Rite and we got the low-down on what sets them apart. Continue reading “Ride-Rite Air Suspension: Your Solution To Towing”

Your Air Springs Want an On-Board Air Lift Compressor

Air springs are awesome.  Air Lift’s particularly so.  Air Lift is unique in that they offer air springs for cars, too, rather than just trucks.  In fact, they offer springs for over 540 different vehicles.  They have the best warranty in the business, and they’ve been in that business since America still occupied Japan.  They started in 1949, the same year as NASCAR, making air springs.  For NASCAR racers.

Air Lift Truck/RV Towing

But, like that one time when you went to Schlotzsky’s and didn’t have them heat up your sub, if you have just the springs and not a compressor on board, you’re not getting the most out of your upgrade.  Here’s why. Continue reading “Your Air Springs Want an On-Board Air Lift Compressor”

Firestone Ride Rite: Air Suspension Basics

We all know the familiar hiss of a kneeling city bus or the bulging air bags under semi trailers.  But air suspension is becoming a more popular aftermarket addition to noncommercial vehicles, as well.  Especially big pickups.  Firestone is leading the charge with their Ride Rite system.  Here’s how it works.

Continue reading “Firestone Ride Rite: Air Suspension Basics”