Do Cold Air Intakes Really Work?

Want to get a debate going at your local car meetup? Ask people if they believe cold air intakes actually “work.” If your local car get togethers are anything like mine, you’ll get a lot of interesting opinions and contradictory facts. Some will argue that factory air intakes are restrictive, some will say that factory air boxes suck up a lot of heat from the engine compartment, and others will say that automakers would have already installed these parts if they worked as well as companies like K&N say they do.

K&N - 71-3070
Do aftermarket air intakes – like the K&N Air Intake Kit shown above – actually increase horsepower?

Here’s the deal: there’s a definitive answer to the question “Do cold air intake kits really work?” Once you understand the engineering and science behind air intakes, you’ll know the answer as well as anyone (and you’ll be able to explain why, too). Here’s how it breaks down. Continue reading “Do Cold Air Intakes Really Work?”