AutoModding Your 2015 Mustang: Intakes

2015 Mustang

We’ve cleared the path out behind your Mustang’s engine with an exhaust, and we’ve made sure you’re getting all the fuel you reliably can with a power programmer.  Now it’s time to make sure your engine’s getting enough air with a cold air intake.  You have a few options for your 2015 Mustang intake, whether you got an EcoBoost or a GT, and we’re laying them all out for you. Continue reading “AutoModding Your 2015 Mustang: Intakes”

AutoModding your 2015 Mustang: Power Programmers

2015 Mustang

Here’s how this works.  Your 2015 Mustang, as you probably know, is fuel injected, which means there’s an electronic system, a computer function of your ECU, that detects how much fuel you need and injects it into your engine.  Ford put these programs, called fuel maps together in order to give you the most power they could while remaining efficient, keeping your throttle comfortable, and balancing many other factors that make a car meet environmental regulations and help it remain accessible to the average American carbuyer.

But you only really care about the first of those factors: Power.  Performance.  So you want to adjust that computer to give you the most performance you can get within the reliable parameters of your engine.  That’s what a power programmer will do for you.  They’re safe for your engine, extremely easy to install, and provide measurable results.  You have two brands to choose from when plugging into your 2015 Mustang: DiabloSport and SCT.  Each has two different tuners, so we’ll break each down to help you make the right decision, and we’ll start with the big guns. Continue reading “AutoModding your 2015 Mustang: Power Programmers”

AutoMods: 2015 Mustang Exhaust Upgrades

Mustangs always sound good.  Even V6s.  But while the tone is there, the volume is often not.  How many times have you seen a Mustang coming toward you but couldn’t hear it until it was going away?  Your Mustang does not have to be one of those cars.  Below you’ll find some perfect options for getting a killer sound, and even more power, out of your 2015 Mustang, with an aftermarket exhaust.  We’ll start, as always, with the little guy.
Continue reading “AutoMods: 2015 Mustang Exhaust Upgrades”

Mustang May: The Prince vs The King

Welcome to the shiny new version of AutoMods. We’re ditching the old format to go into more detail and recommend the mods that work best for a particular car, and to give you more options for your budget. This month we’re tackling the 2015 Ford Mustang, in both the GT and EcoBoost ranks. Yes, it’s Mustang May on AutoMods.

Rarely has a car been so celebrated and so simultaneously controversial as the 2015 Ford Mustang. We first heard about it around two years ago. The old pony’s semicentenary was coming up, and Ford had always celebrated the Mustang’s key anniversaries with special editions, new generations, and shiny badges. Now it was the big 5-0, the golden year, and Ford had promised a brand new Mustang, one that would cite the past while reaching into the future. They did not disappoint. Continue reading “Mustang May: The Prince vs The King”

New Mustang Attacks with Two-Pronged Campaign to Conquer Our Want

New Mustang Gymkhana7

Ford’s Mustang marketing department knows what they’re doing.  They know how to deliver a one-two punch to your resolve against selling your pancreas in order to buy a Mustang.  On Monday they dealt such a brace of blows, with Ken Block’s epic Gymkhana 7 and the official press release for the new Shelby Mustang dropping within an hour of each other.  I don’t need both my livers, right? Continue reading “New Mustang Attacks with Two-Pronged Campaign to Conquer Our Want”

Get a 2015 Mustang Exhaust from Gibson for 32 Extra HP!

So you’ve ordered your 2015 Ford Mustang GT, and you can’t wait to get it.  You’re burning to quietly creep it into your neighborhood, turn it off, and let it sit silent in the driveway.  It’s going to be so great when you’re whooshing along country roads, listening to the radiator fan, another bad radio station, and the wind whistling through your windows.  There will be nothing like cutting the engine before you pull up at the car show so as not to disturb anyone.  Right?  Heck no!  For the love of chowder, one of the greatest things about the car is that Mustang GT Exhaust noise!  Don’t trap it in the factory exhaust.  Let it sing with a Gibson Performance system.  And add 32 Camaro-slapping horsepower while you’re at it.

We were supposed to see the first 2015 Mustangs reach dealerships “sometime this fall,” but the leaves don’t seem to be changing yet in Dearborn.  In any case, the new Stang should hit the streets before the end of the year.  Gibson Performance, however, already got theirs, and although we could waste our energy burning with jealousy, we should really be glad, because they’ve used their time well, engineering the perfect cat-back 2015 Mustang Exhaust.

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Is the 2015 Ford Mustang Still a Muscle Car?

2015 Ford MustangIf you were able to stomach today’s Good Morning America, you already know all this, but the sixth generation of the venerable Ford Mustang was unveiled this morning and will go on sale next year.  The looks are striking, from the angry, bladed headlights to the long and satisfying fastback, right down to the sharp, pronounced shoulders and a ramping tail.

But there’s something rather tame about the lines, something that begs for sanity and balance.  The power options, too, espouse a certain sensibility.  So we have to wonder, without all the madness and absurdity is the Mustang still a muscle car?  Or is it something else entirely? Continue reading “Is the 2015 Ford Mustang Still a Muscle Car?”