Driving in a Winter Wonderland

driving in winterAs this winter shapes up to be one of the worst in recent memory, we find ourselves watching the forecast intently for the next storm.  In turn, we may be neglecting the one thing that takes the biggest beating during this time of the year: our vehicles. Driving in winter weather can have a significant negative impact on a poorly prepared vehicle.  We offer a few tips to help you get ready for the next blast of snow and ice. Continue reading “Driving in a Winter Wonderland”

The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Pulled Over

Something you never want to see in your mirrorDo You Know Why I Pulled You Over?
Most of us have had the experience of merrily motoring along in our car only to have our pleasant day interrupted by the stomach-tightening sight of flashing lights in our rearview mirror. As bad as you feel when you see those red and blue lights, you should realize that a traffic stop is no picnic for the officer either. Believe it or not, routine traffic stops are one of the most dangerous duties a police officer has. Continue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Pulled Over”

What Octane Ratings Mean

Octane: Which is Right For Your CarPick your poison!
Every time you pull up to the pump to fuel up your ride, you have to make a decision—which gasoline should I use? Look at most any gas pump and you will be presented with a broad selection of “octane ratings”, with numbers like 87, 89, 91 and 93.5 prominently displayed on the buttons used to “pick your poison”. With the dizzying array of available choices you should ask yourself, “What is an octane rating and what does it mean to me?”
Continue reading “What Octane Ratings Mean”

Ways to Prevent Vehicle Theft

Ways to Prevent Vehicle TheftGone In 60 Seconds
This past Sunday afternoon, I was standing in a convenience store when a lady ran inside in a panic. Her car had been stolen from right beside the gas pump when she came in to pay. This is the third time I have seen this happen in the past 5 years. One of the other times, I was standing in the same convenience store. As I listened to the understandably distraught woman on her cell phone, I asked myself, “What can a person do to protect themselves from car theft?” Continue reading “Ways to Prevent Vehicle Theft”

The Proper Way to Use Jack Stands

The proper way to use jack standsThat’s the Jack Fact! Do you love to work on your own car and the satisfaction of a job well done? Do you love the feel of a wrench in your hand and the smell of oil on your clothes? Do you love being crushed under 2 tons of steel, glass and plastic? Many of us who enjoy taking the repair and maintenance of our vehicles into our own hands fail to protect ourselves from a number of potential hazards to be found in and around a car. Continue reading “The Proper Way to Use Jack Stands”

Hypertech Max Energy Programmers – Part II

Hypertech Max Energy Sport - Unleash Your Sport Compact!Max Energy Sport – Unleash Your Sport Compact!
Hypertech’s Max Energy Sport model was designed specifically for higher compression performance engines, making it a favorite for sport compact owners. The Sport offers a host of performance-oriented features for demanding drivers.

The Max Energy offers a selection of tunes to program for the power that drivers want. Horsepower and torque can both be improved (substantially in some cases) while maintaining safe operating parameters for the engine.

Car manufacturers limit the top speed of vehicles to match the rating of factory tires in order to ensure the safety of owners. If aftermarket tires are installed with a higher speed rating, the Max Energy power programmer allows owners to raise (or lower) the top speed limiter of the vehicle in order to match the rating of the new tires. If the diameter of the new tires varies from factory, the Max Energy also allows a user to recalibrate the vehicle’s speedometer to ensure an accurate reading.

Hypertech’s Max Energy provides the most efficient air/fuel mixture and spark timing possible at every point in the rev band, allowing an engine to maximize the power available in every drop of fuel. This increased efficiency yields better fuel economy.

Drivers of vehicles with automatic transmissions can find stock shift points frustrating in their pursuit of performance. The Max Energy offers the ability to alter both shift points and shift firmness, which provides for a greater deal of control with respect to the overall performance of the vehicle.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Max Energy can serve as a diagnostic tool to read and clear engine codes. The integration of this feature into the Max Energy unit saves owners the hassle of driving to their local shop to have codes read or, worse yet, purchasing a separate tool for the job.

VTEC Controller
One of the features of the Max Energy Sport model that makes it exceptionally popular among Honda and Acura owners is the VTEC controller. Some Honda and Acura vehicles come with Honda’s VTEC camshaft technology. Under “sport” driving conditions (high RPMs and heavy load), the controller engages additional camshaft followers which use a more aggressive camshaft profile. The result is increased air flow and more horsepower. The Max Energy Sport allows drivers to adjust the engine speed at which the VTEC camshaft profile engages in order to tune the engine’s power band for optimal integration with the Max Energy and any other “bolt-on” performance accessories.

All Hypertech Max Energy models offer an attractive bundle of features for drivers that are looking for the best possible combination of performance and fuel economy. Hypertech was founded in 1985 with 7 employees and 1 engine dyno. Today, they have almost 60 employees and operate from their state-of-the-art research and development facilities in Bartlett, Tennessee. Hypertech has a long-standing reputation for quality in the performance tuning market and the Max Energy line of programmers is no exception.

Hypertech Max Energy Programmers

Hypertech Max Energy ProgrammerThe Best Handheld Performance Tuner on the Market
Power programmers are viewed by many as being the best single answer to our never-ending quest for higher horsepower and better fuel economy. Today’s performance tuners can do a lot more for drivers than just boost power and save a few dollars on gas. The Hypertech Max Energy programmer offers a lot of options in a small, “plug and play” package. Continue reading “Hypertech Max Energy Programmers”

Superchargers vs. Turbochargers

Charge It!
One of the great quests in the automotive world is horsepower and we spend countless dollars and hours in our garages trying to make our cars just a bit faster. There are a couple of basic ways to increase the power of an engine—make it bigger or make it more efficient. Two popular efficiency options are superchargers and turbochargers. It may surprise you to find out how similar these two devices really are. Continue reading “Superchargers vs. Turbochargers”