Undercover Lux: The Plan to Take the Lead

Undercover Lux Tonneau CoversThe perfect product is rare.  I carry in my pocket, at all times outside airport terminals and government buildings, a folding Smith & Wesson knife.  It has a tanto blade, a good length of serrations, a grippy handle, and a belt clip.  I got it as a groomsman gift for being in my best friend’s wedding, and I think that for the money, it’s just about perfect.  I use it constantly, it hasn’t worn out, and I’m happy recommending it to my friends.

Once in a while you come across a perfect product, something almost too good to be true.  Every company on the planet wants to build that product, and very few have succeeded.  You can usually find something to complain about if you look closely enough.  Even my knife could use a little threadlock on the axel screws.

Rogersville, Missouri tonneau firm Undercover is questing to build that perfect product, and they might actually have pulled it off.  You know Undercover.  They’ve been around for about 10 years, and like to show off their tonneaus’ ability to support an entire football team, despite being made of fiberglass so light a little child can hold it over her head (that’s them, too).

Undercover Lux Tonneau Covers

Their newest line, the Lux series, is designed to catapult the brand into the forefront of the market, where huge names like ARE tend to be dominating things these days.  What’s the plan?  It’s pretty simple, really.  Just take everything you might want in a hard tonneau and include it all.

The Lux includes a lock, a hidden hinge, and the same varsity-bearing strength as Undercover’s older products.  That’s all very nice.  That’s the stuff that would make you consider buying a tonneau under normal circumstances.  But that’s not the big news.

First of all, Undercover ditched the old fiberglass for the Lux.  This one uses ABS.  Not Antilock Braking Systems.  You’re on your own, there.  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.  See why we call it ABS?  It’s as strong as the fiberglass covers, but weighs less, so an even younger child can lift it over her head.

Bigger still is the news about the paint.  Undercover built an entirely new paint facility for the Lux.  Silly, right?  Not if they’re going to match factory paint colors.  No more close shades on your tonneau.  This thing will be exactly the same color as your truck.  Of course, this will take weeks and weeks, right?  Just like the other companies who will custom paint them for you?

Wrong.  Since Undercover built that spanking new paint house, they can have your Lux ready to ship in 2-3…days.  They’re planning on your ordering a custom color.  They want you to.  Really.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  There’s really no such thing as a perfect product.  But the Undercover Lux comes freakishly close.  It might just shove Undercover to the front.

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