Truck Tonneau Covers for Every Job, by Extang

Extang truck tonneau covers

Extang may or may not be an amalgam of Extra and Mustang (which wouldn’t make any sense at all), but they definitely make some incredible tonneau covers. They design them with obsessive precision and warranty them for life.

But not only do they make durable truck tonneau covers, they make several different kinds. I believe they did some extensive market research to determine their customers’ exact needs.

I broke down what I believe to be their specific targeted segments below, pairing them with the tonneaus (tonneaux? tonnui?) that Extang designed specifically for them:

Giant Horseshoe Magnet Hunters – Encore

Extang truck tonneau covers Encore
If I learned anything from a steady diet of Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera, er, educational programming during my childhood, it’s that many hunters, whether they’re after canaries, road runners, or rabbits, need giant horseshoe magnets.  Thankfully, there’s the Extang Encore tonneau cover, a tri-fold hard tonneau whose front and rear sections swing away for easy access, making plenty of room for the opposing poles of the magnet, extending them safely away from your metal truck bed.

If, for some reason, you don’t haul giant horse shoe magnets, I think that front flap is pretty handy anyway.  Who wants to walk all the way to the back of the truck when the door to the cab is right in front of you?

Troll Chauffeurs – Revolution and Express

Extang truck tonneau covers Revolution
You never ever want to wake a sleeping troll.  America’s troll chauffeurs know this well (many through painful experience).  They also know that trolls can be picky sleepers and often require just enough air or just enough light.  Extang saw an untapped market and developed the Revolution, a soft tonneau with a clever assisted roll system so you can lock it in place wherever you or your hirsute green cargo would like.  Their Express tonneau is similar, but doesn’t feature the roll assist tech.
Extang truck tonneau covers Express
Crazy as this sounds, I think these two tonneaus could also work well for vacationers.  Maybe you have a few items that won’t fit under the tonneau, but you don’t want to ditch it all together?  Just roll it out as far as you can, and the rest of your cargo will stay secret and dry.

Zombiepocalypse Survivor – Solid Fold

Extang truck tonneau covers Solid Fold
We’ve discussed the zombiepocalypse at length, but somehow we didn’t see what Extang saw: that the Solid Fold makes a perfect roof for an anti-zombie truck bed tent.  As we all know, versatility will be key.  Extang knew this, too, which is why they designed the Solid Fold to be installed in seconds.  Snap it in, close it, and you’re safe.  The hordes aren’t getting to you with their loose fingernails through all that fiberglass-reinforced plastic, so they’ll eventually give up and stump away.  Meanwhile, you’ll be sleeping in peace, rather than in pieces.

I think the Solid Fold is actually a good one to get your hands on now, before it all goes down, especially if you’re in a construction or industrial field.  You want to keep your tools locked up, but you never know when you’ll have to haul something huge.  The Solid Fold stows slim, but offers full coverage and secure locking.

Defunct Electric Car Transporters – Full Tilt

Extang truck tonneau covers Full Tilt
In case you don’t know how the vast field of Defunct Electric Car Transportation (DECT) got started: Back in the ‘70s, during the oil crisis, every college professor with a multimeter and a shed started churning out basic electric cars. Unfortunately, they all used old school battery tech and unilaterally sucked.  Today, odd little carts, like the Sebring Vanguard Citicar, dot the countryside and need to be moved.  Full Tilt swings up like a single-piece hard tonneau, so it can permit all the wedge-shaped electric heaps you’ll ever need to move.

Extang also considered everyone else, though, since the Fill Tilt lifts like a solid fiberglass tonneau cover, but also snaps away and rolls up like a traditional tonneau, so you can put all manner of things under there, even if they’re not electric cars.

Gorilla Ambulance Drivers – Trifecta

Extang truck tonneau covers Trifecta
Movers of sick gorillas have two needs: keeping the weather off their poor, furry patients, and keeping the weight low.  800 pounds of muscle and teeth are quite a stress on gas mileage already.  That’s precisely why Extang developed the Trifecta.  It has the light weight (and leather-bound good looks) of a soft tonneau, but the triple-fold tech of a hard folding tonneau cover, so you can easily get it out of the way and let the paramedic veterinarians work.

But to be honest, I don’t think you have to transport primates (even your kids) to understand the Trifecta’s appeal.  It looks clean and attractive, and you don’t need any tools to install it.

Kidnappers of the Cast of Last Vegas – Platinum and Black Max

Extang truck tonneau covers Platinum
Listen, kidnapping old and talented actors isn’t easy.  They’re used to much better treatment, and frankly, you’ll have a tough enough time getting past their security.  But guys like DeNiro and Douglas like to keep things old school, and it’s more than likely they’ll be more cooperative if they’re zip-tied under a stylish, snap down tonneau like the Platinum or Black Max.  It’s all about the throwback.
Extang truck tonneau covers Black Max

Priceless Painting Movers – Tuff Tonno

Extang truck tonneau covers Tuff
I heard once that if you take a flash photograph of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, a couple of well-dressed, nice-smelling security guards will confiscate your camera and rip out the film.  I’m not sure what they do these days, now that film belongs in the same museum, but I know why they did it.  Apparently the paint on the canvas has become so old and brittle that a flash of light can deteriorate it.  Consider the Tuff Tonno the nice-smelling security guards of the tonneau cover world.  It features a peel-on, peel-off edge system and a rotating tail rail to lock out all light and probably most of the air.

This could probably also be useful for anyone who wants to keep rain and snow out of their truck beds, whether to protect priceless masterpieces or a few bags of cement.

Extang has revolutionized the world of work.  But even if you don’t work in one of these broad and peopled professions, Extang tonneau covers can work for you anyway.

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  1. I have an Extang TriFecta and I LOVE IT. Me and “my” pick up love Estate sales, garage sales, garden centers and recycle centers where having a pick up truck comes in very handy. We are always doing projects at our 90 year house so a pickup is a necessity and my tonneau is icing on the cake.
    I like the fact I can handle the tonneau cover and don’t have to ask my son or hubby for help. If I have just found something really cool at an Estate sale it’s nice to be able to cover up my valuable discoveries. There are also times when items won’t fit under the tonneau so I flip it back part way back to get my purchase loaded. to me its one of those items that is on my A list of essentials.

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