WARN ZEON: The Stealth Winch

Recovery Goes Stealth

Okay, we’ll be honest. If you load the WARN ZEON into a trebuchet and fire it through the air (which would be awesome), it would still create a radar signature. But there’s still plenty of stealth to WARN’s latest winch. Just look at the thing. It looks like it was built by Wayne Enterprises, rather than WARN Industries. Like it was designed for the Tumbler, rather than your truck or SUV. WARN, however, doesn’t screw around with aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake. There’s a why behind the steel-cool design, and it may make the ZEON the most advanced winch on the market.

Here are some highlights of WARN’s newest premium winch series:
Recovery Goes Stealth

  • Available in 8, 10, and 12,000 lbs. single-line pulling capacities
  • Comes with traditional steel wire or WARN’s Spydura synthetic rope
  • Convertible control pack (short and long kits) can be mounted remotely
  • Satin-black powder-coated finish (Stealthy!)
  • Backed by the WARN Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’ll start with the ZEON’s party piece – the convertible control pack. That stylish cowling above the cable houses the control hardware for the winch. But if you’d like a lower profile, you can detach the control pack and mount it elsewhere. See, folks: Stealth.

The ZEON’s automatic mechanical brake has been redesigned to dissipate even more heat. Which means anyone with a thermal targeting system will have a tougher time finding it. It also means fade won’t be a problem for you, even under fully-rated loads.

Speaking of internals, the motor is new, along with its housing. That casing, which houses the also-new three-stage planetary gearbox on the other side, is a distinct element of the ZEON’s stunning design, but is also satin-black powder-coated, to elude the clutches of rust. Wires are all tucked away behind the ZEON’s improved sealing to keep them safe and dry, and the motor itself makes far less noise than previous winches. Stealthier still.

So perhaps the WARN ZEON is the stealthiest winch ever built, the Comanche attack helicopter of vehicle recovery. And the good news just keeps on coming. The aluminum drum, for example, has a comfortably wide diameter, to reduce wear on the cable, preventing failure of the most important place on the whole cable- every last inch. When the cable finally does need replacing, WARN’s exclusive anchor point will make it easy.

As we mentioned above, the ZEON is available in 8,000; 10,000; and 12,000 lb ranges. The ZEON 8, 10, and 12 use traditional steel cable, while the 8-S and 10-S offer WARN’s own Spydura synthetic rope. Spydura serves up a weight savings of up to 20 pounds. Steel cables are paired with roller fairleads, and synthetic with polished aluminum fairleads.

We couldn’t exactly spin the stealthiness into all of these options, but aren’t you glad there are so many? It looks like WARN has covered all your bases with the ZEON series. The question is, did you even see this coming? You didn’t? There you have it: the WARN ZEON is one stealthy winch.

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  1. I bought a Warn Zeon and it failed disastrously of the first use. Now Warn (or at least their South African Agents) are refusing to honor the warranty siting abusive use. How do you abuse a winch? There is a cable and a remote. You attach the cable to some large object and push the remote button. Either it works or it does not. Are they implying I hit it wait a hammer or some such action? Certainly not what I expected of Warn…

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