Race Ramps: Innovation Inclination

Race Ramps

Think back to fourth grade.  The scents of chalk dust and freshly sharpened pencils assault your focus as you scribble down notes about the teacher’s current subject: Simple Machines.  You learned in those days that like colors, all machines could be reduced to a collection of a few – the screw, the lever, the wheel and axle, the pulley, the wedge, and the inclined plane.

We’ve known about them since Archimedes, but could it still be possible to improve upon them?  In the case of the latter, Race Ramps says yes.

Based in the pine-scented, washed-rock beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Race Ramps builds what might be the best wheel ramps in the world – out of foam.  Not what we picture when we imagine wheel ramps, generally the inclined planes rusting in your neighbor’s driveway under his ’76 Camaro “project.”

Their unique foam compound gives them a distinct advantage over metal and some plastic ramps – weight savings.  Picking one up is quite surprising.  Yes, that thing you just used to hold several tons in the air can be kicked around your garage like a soccer ball.  Storing the system in your trunk or truck bed won’t be much of a weight penalty at all.

But it’s not all about weight.  Race Ramps are also strong.  While we can’t exactly call them “solid,” because they’re made of foam, they’re much more solid than those cup-stacking plastic ramps.  Have you ever felt truly comfortable raising your car up on those?

Grip is another distinct Race Ramps advantage.  Because the foam is slightly flexible, the more weight you add, the more tightly the non-slip surface forms to whatever surface it’s sitting on.  And because the bottom of each ramp is as flat and solid as the top, you can use them on all kinds of loose surfaces – snow, ice, gravel, and even sand.

They’ve molded their alien-tech superfoam into several helpful shapes.

Most popular amongst them are the Two-Piece Service Ramps:Race Ramps RR-XT-2

  • Up to 10 inches of lift
  • Holds up to 3000 lbs per set
  • Won’t slide, dig, or scratch your floors
  • Can be used on grass, dirt, or nearly any flat surface
  • Ideal for low ground clearance vehicles
  • 67 inches long & 14 inches wide
  • Two-piece design
  • Includes straps for easy carrying and storage

They’ve also developed a line of Wheel Cribs:

Race Ramps RR-XT-2

  • Cradles the tire 12 inches off the ground
  • Supports 1500 lbs per crib
  • Saves your tires from dreaded flat-spots
  • Allows your car to be level while raised
  • Useful for changing your oil
  • Unobstructed access underneath the car

Are you that guy who uses 2x6s to unload your car from your trailer?  It’s a pain, isn’t it?  Especially when they slip or break.  Race ramps has designed a set of ramps specifically for getting your car on and off of trailers. Or say you’re driving something low. Really low. So low you can’t slip your jack underneath. Race Ramps has jack assist ramps, as well.

What we really have here is the perfection of the wheel ramp.  Race Ramps is a company to watch, if only to keep track of whatever crazy innovation they come up with next, because it will have to be pretty spectacular to top what they have now.

Now that it is clear how useful Race Ramps are, order your set today from StreetSiteAuto.com.


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