Follow Friday: Weatherproof Edition

Temperatures are cooling. There’s a soothing haze in the air. The leaves have begun to blush. Yes, the colder months are on our doorstep, and after that mortar storm of a summer, they’re quire welcome. Thankfully, our fun with cars and racing doesn’t have to die off with the flowers. Here’s a few people who are only accelerating into the snows. Follow them on twitter.

Follow Friday: Weatherproof Edition


Husky Liners

  • Husky Liners Twitter Bio
  • Husky Liners just ruined their competitors’ day. They just came out with their Xact Contour floor liners, a hybrid between the classic hard liners and soft mats. Just like any Husky Liners, they’re designed to hold all the water and mud you can bring in on your shoes or in your coffee cups, but they’re soft and flexible, so they offer tons of grip. It’s hard to describe this stuff without just having you touch it. It’s sortof like the best phone case no one has ever managed to build. It’s soft but grippy, invincible but flexible. Maybe we should get Husky to make phone cases.

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BJ Baldwin

  • BJ Baldwin Twitter Bio
  • If there’s a name to know in modern off-road racing, it’s BJ Baldwin. BJ has won four off-road championships. He races trophy trucks. He raced at Dakar. He races Baja. And now, perhaps having taken some cues from fellow Hoonigan Ken Block, he’s begun to put together some truly awesome Youtube videos by the name of Recoil. Recoil 1 was pretty simple fun, but for Recoil 2, just released this week, BJ went down to Ensenada Mexico to “race a helicopter” across the city. We’re pretty sure the helicopter gave him some space, but who cares about the helicopter? BJ’s 800 hp trophy truck commanded our attention, taking jumps nobody realized it could take. Check out Recoil and follow BJ for more videos.

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Ryan Tuerck

  • Ryan Tuerck Twitter Bio
  • New Hampshire native Ryan Tuerck’s rise to drifting fame has been quick, partially thanks to his keen talent, and partially thanks to his immense Youtube following. From Tuerck’s quick and dirty driveway drift missile videos to his star-studded show Tuerck’d, in which they do things like strap guard rails to the sides of old Crown Vics and try to rub them, while moving, with the rear bumpers of their drift cars, well, you get the picture. Ryan just released his latest video this week, so follow him for more.

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Circuit of the Americas

  • Circuit of the Americas Twitter Bio
  • America’s newest, most modern race track is playing host this weekend to some brilliant racing. Austin’s Circuit of the Americas, designed specifically for F1, won’t see the USGP until next month, but for now you can catch the Continental Sports Car Challenge and the Tudor United Sports Car Championship, the successor to the American Le Mans series. It’s the TUSCC’s last stop before their finale, Petit Le Mans, at Road Atlanta. Follow COTA on twitter to keep up with the action.

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  • Ducati Twitter Bio
  • Ducati, maker of some of the world’s finest motorcycles since 1926, has a new Panigale superbike on the way. Their current Panigale, the 1199, already offers an insane 195 hp. The 1299 will bump that up to 205 hp, which might not sound like much if you’re only into cars, but for a bike, it’s 10 more ways to die happy. The reveal wasn’t supposed to take place until November, but four guys from the MotoCorsa Ducati dealer in Portlant just posted a picture of themselves in front of a picture of the 1299. Free PR! Follow Ducati for the details.

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